Common Agricultural Policy

Since the UK became a member of the European Community, farmers have had to ensure that they not only have regard to UK legislation but also EU regulation. Given the special status given to agriculture via the Common Agricultural Policy, its influence on farmers has been vast.

Not only does it have implications for subsidy provision for farmers but also in terms of the increasing regulation and red tape farmers find themselves having to deal with.

At JCP Rural Practice, our in depth knowledge of the CAP and its intricacies has allowed us to advise on complicated cases involving EU policy.

Fixed Price CAP Appeals

We have a wealth of experience dealing with disputes arising from farmers’ participation in Common Agricultural Policy schemes. We are pleased to offer a fixed price service to assist clients in preserving subsidy payments from CAP Schemes.

Our specialist team can deal with all appeals under any CAP scheme and as an NFU Legal Panel member we offer discounts to NFU Farmer & Grower members.

We have already successfully secured in excess of one million pounds for farmers in Wales through our specialist representation of clients disputing their CAP allowance.

By using our service you can rest assured that you have an expert, knowledgeable and experienced team on your side. We will provide clarity as to how much the advice will cost and can provide a Welsh speaking service if desired.

The statistics published by the Welsh Government and Rural Payments Agency show that without the income from the Single (now Basic) Payment Scheme many farmers would be running at a loss. It is vitally important therefore to protect that vital source of income.

Price ListStage 1

Stage 2
(If acted at Stage 1)

Stage 2
(New client)

NFU Client

£545 plus VAT
plus 7.5% success fee

£995 plus VAT
plus 7.5% success fee

£1540 plus VAT
plus 7.5% success fee

Non NFU Client

£625 plus VAT
plus 7.5% success fee

£1300 plus VAT
plus 7.5% success fee

£1925 plus VAT
plus 7.5% success fee

Stage 1 Price Includes:

  • Case review
  • Preparation of Stage 1 Appeal
  • Any correspondence between the administration & client

Stage 2 Price Includes:

  • Preparation of Stage 2 Appeal application
  • Meeting with client if required
  • Representation at oral hearing
  • Any correspondence between the administration & client


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