Commercial Property Disputes Solicitors

Whether your business owns, occupies or manages commercial property, there’s a chance that you could encounter a dispute somewhere down the line. Be it regarding rent, renewals, repairs or alterations, your first step should be to seek trusted legal advice from a qualified professional.

At JCP Solicitors, our commercial property disputes solicitors have vast experience in guiding our business clients through to resolution with ease. We know how disruptive, costly and time-consuming disputes can be; so we will always work to minimise the hassle and expense by settling the matter through determination, mediation or arbitration. However, where this is not possible, you can count on JCP to secure your desired outcome through skillful representation regardless of how complex the conflict.

Why choose JCP’s commercial property disputes solicitors?

Recognised locally as well as nationally for our legal expertise and business acumen, JCP Solicitors are a valuable asset to any corporate body.

With a strong team of specialist commercial property disputes solicitors, both landlords and tenants benefit from our technical knowledge and experience in real estate litigation. At JCP, we act for clients of all shapes and sizes, industries and types of business, dealing with properties including shops and offices, industrial units, commercial trading estates, retail and leisure developments and large residential estates. It’s the satisfaction our clients receive from having a dispute resolved with minimal fuss and time involved that drives us to do what we do.

As the largest law firm in West Wales, you can rest assured that your case will be handled by no less than a dedicated specialist in commercial property law, equipped with the experience necessary to guide you through you through your conflict to resolution with ease. Instructed by landlords, tenants, developers, management companies and property investors, our team has a strong and expanding client base who praise us for always delivering a professional service with a personable approach.


There is always the same level of service and quality, rather like a good sports team that performs at a high level over a long period of time.

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How can we help?

When you instruct us one of our specialist solicitors, we will provide you with a detailed outline of your options as well as estimated time-scales and costs. Next, we will work together to find a solution that suits your needs and protects your interests. In order to achieve this, we will first take the time to gain an understanding of your individual situation, your objectives and your legal position. That way, we can devise a strategy to secure your desired outcome that’s tailored to your needs. We understand how disruptive a dispute can be for a business, which is why we will always endeavor to find resolution through constructive mediation sessions. If your conflict has already escalated beyond alternative dispute resolution and your case is facing court, rest assured that our qualified team of experts can provide the strategic advice, legal support and representation you need to secure a reasonable result.

Commercial property disputes can arise for many reasons. Below are a handful of the matters our solicitors can help you through:

Breaches of Lease Covenants

As a landlord, it’s essential that you can trust your tenants not to damage the property or make alterations without consent. Most commercial leases will be clear in stating this to ensure the property is maintained to a certain standard. However, when a tenant disregards this, your first move may be to bring the lease to an end. If this sounds familiar, get in touch with our commercial property disputes solicitors as early as possible. We will assist you in determining whether the breach is a once and for all breach or a continuing breach and provide clear advice regarding your options of enforcement.


At JCP, we act for commercial landlords and tenants in bringing and challenging claims for dilapidations. Failure to carry out dilapidations at the end of a commercial tenancy agreement is a breach of covenant, and this is an area in which disputes can easily arise. If you are a commercial property tenant and your landlord has issued you a Section 146 Notice due to damage of the property, our solicitors will advise you on the best course of action and your options in avoiding forfeiture of the lease. We also act on behalf of landlords, helping you to take action against your tenant in breach of covenant relating to dilapidations and obligations to repair. In any case, it’s essential you seek legal advice as early as possible so we can assess your situation and act swiftly.

Lease Surrender Negotiations

Whether you’re an occupier tied into a lease that no longer suits you or a landlord with a tenant who wishes to surrender their lease, our specialists can advise as to the value of the remaining lease and assist you in negotiations for the lease surrender. The key to negotiating the lease surrender is to be as informed as possible, so our solicitors will help you calculate the net present value of all the liabilities of the lease such as running costs and service charges. If you are a landlord, we will help measure the risks and identify any issues you may face after negotiating the lease surrender, such as your position in the current market. If you are an occupier looking to move and need to consolidate, we will provide strategic advice on the commercial property market and your options in relocating your business.

Recovery of Arrears

As a landlord, maintaining cash flow through rental payments is pivotal to the success of your investment. When a tenant fails to pay rent, you may find yourself in a complicated legal position unsure of how to recover the balance due. At JCP, our commercial property disputes solicitors are dedicated in helping our clients protect their interests. So, if you’re a landlord struggling to recover arrears due from tenants, you can rely on our team to take the necessary legal action in order to claim it back. Due to recent changes in legislation, navigating your way through the legal process of claiming due rental payments can be tricky. Our solicitors are fully trained in the complexities of Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery, and will advise you at each stage of your options in proceeding to ensure you see the money you deserve.

If you have a question about a possible dispute regarding a property that you own or rent, contact a member of our specialist team of commercial property disputes solicitors using our Live Chat facility.