Employment Law for Employees

As an employee, you have clearly defined rights under the law. If you believe your employer is not respecting those rights, we can help you take action to ensure you are treated fairly and to secure compensation where appropriate. 

Our employment law solicitors are experts in negotiation and alternative dispute resolution, so we can normally achieve a positive outcome without the need for an employment tribunal. This can save you time, money and unnecessary stress, as well as keeping conflict to a minimum. 

However, if an employment tribunal is required, we have the experience to give you the best possible representation, helping you to secure the best available result. 

As well as helping to resolve employment disputes, we can also advise you on various non-contentious employment issues, including reviewing contracts of employment and directors’ service agreements, and negotiating exit packages. 

Our employment lawyers have decades of experience, so whatever issue you are facing, we can provide the expert advice you need to achieve a positive outcome. 

To speak to one of our expert employment lawyers today, please contact your local JCP office or use the contact form on the right for a swift response. 


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Our employment law services for employees 

Our employment law solicitors in Wales offer friendly, practical advice and representation for employees in relation to a wide range of legal issues. 

Contract negotiations 

Our solicitors are highly experienced with all types of contracts of employment. We can advise you on whether a contract is fair and appropriate and support you in negotiating the details of contract with your employer where required. 

Unfair dismissal & constructive dismissal 

If you have lost your job under circumstances that you believe were unfair, we can review the situation for you and establish whether you may have a case for unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal. 

We can then support you in taking action against your employer, including negotiating with them to try to secure a settlement and starting an employment tribunal claim where required. 


If you are faced with redundancy, our team can support you to make sure the process is handled in the right way. This includes making sure the reasons for your redundancy are sound and that any settlement agreement you are offered is fair. 

If you believe your redundancy has been handled improperly, we can advise you as to whether you may have a case for unfair dismissal and represent you during any ensuing employment tribunal claim. 

Exit packages 

If you are a director or senior executive within a business, you may be entitled to an exit package when you leave the company. Our employment lawyers can review the details of any exit package for you, advise you on whether what has been offered is fair and help you negotiate an improved offer where appropriate. 

Restrictive covenants 

Restrictive covenants are now common as part of the terms of employment for many workers. If you feel a restrictive covenant you have signed or been asked to sign is unfair, we can review this for you and advise you on your options. 

If you wish to challenge a restrictive covenant you entered into with a previous employer, we can look at this for you and advise you on whether the covenant is likely to be enforceable and whether you have grounds for a challenge. 

Settlement agreements 

If your employer offers you a settlement agreement as a way to resolve an employment dispute or head off a potential dispute, it is essential that you have the agreement reviewed by an expert in employment law. 

Our team can check over settlement agreements and advise you on whether they represent a fair deal. We can also negotiate with your employer where necessary to secure a better agreement, ensuring your interests are protected at all times. 

Employment Tribunal representation 

Our solicitors have extensive experience representing employees at employment tribunals. We can guide you through the entire claims process, helping to make sure your case is presented in the most effective way, so you have the best chance securing a fair result. 

If you are unhappy with the result of an employment tribunal, we can also advise you on your right to appeal and support you through the appeals process. 

Why use our employment law solicitors? 

Our team includes a number of specialist employment lawyers with many years of experience. Having handled the full range of employment law issues over the years, we can provide the expert knowledge you need to protect your rights and achieve a fair outcome.

We know how much our clients value good communication and are proud to be able to offer our services in both English and Welsh. Our employment lawyers will be happy to advise you over the phone, by email or in person, making it as simple and convenient as possible for you to access our services. 

We have a number of offices covering the whole of South Wales, East Wales and West Wales, including in Swansea and Cardiff. Find out more by taking a look at the contact details for our other law offices in Wales

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