Business Sales

You might spend a lifetime building a business but you only sell it once. We do it every day.

There are some events in life when you need to feel you have put yourself in safe hands. Selling a business is complicated. Get things wrong in terms of tax planning, commercial negotiation or drafting documents and it can cost you money.

We have acted in the sale of many businesses - some of them well known, some much smaller but just as important to the owner and, strangely, occasionally just as complicated. Whilst every transaction involves unique issues some features as constant:

  • Pre-sale planning - minimising tax is a specialist area and requires up to the minute expertise;
  • Negotiation - tough things might have to be said to protect your interests. You need an adviser who can be firm but who keeps your deal on track;
  • Documentation - complete familiarity with the terms of complex sale documentation is essential.

We have the necessary experience to advise you on all these aspects of the sale of your business.

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