Family Law Solicitors

Here at JCP, our Family Team offers a professional, flexible and personal service, advising on a range of family legal matters.

Family law issues can be complex and are rarely straightforward. With each family comes a new dynamic, which means each new case requires a unique approach. This is nothing new to us: in fact, the advice we provide you with will always be tailored to meet your specific needs and requirements. If you are involved in a dispute with a family member, it’s easy for the conflict to escalate due to the emotions involved. That’s why our family law solicitors are here to minimise the tension, find resolution and protect your interests.

We listen to you at every stage

Upon our first appointment, we hope to gain a full understanding of your situation along with your requirements, aims and desired outcome. In return, you’ll gain an understanding of your legal position: your rights, your responsibilities and the options you have moving forward. Our promise to you is to always act in your best interests; and where we can cut down on the time and costs involved with a complex case, we will. Our team of expert family law solicitors is solution orientated, and we will always attempt to resolve your family issue outside of court where possible. We also know that any children and their interests are the first concern.

Our first priority in any family dispute is to ensure the welfare of your children is protected; and where court proceedings are necessary, you can rely on our dedicated family law solicitors to provide representation and support through the process.

Our family solicitors are not here to judge you or to make decisions for you, but to help you make informed decisions in a friendly supportive and professional setting. We believe in offering practical and constructive advice and avoiding, as far as possible, the acrimony that so often takes over during separation or other stressful circumstances.

We also recognise that the modern family has changed and we have experience of preparing Pre-Nuptial agreements and Cohabitation agreements. We also have a dedicated mediation service.

We can offer you practical advice on the onset of your new life or in the unfortunate event that your partnership or marriage breaks down.

Our prices are flexible and transparent and range from bespoke solutions to fixed prices for straightforward circumstances.

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Why choose JCP for family law?

At JCP, people are the focus of our business. We believe that in the modern day, people deserve more than pre-packaged legal advice for their issues. That’s why our family law solicitors endeavor to be available when you need us the most: to answer your questions, ease your concerns and work with you to devise practical solutions that meet your needs. Clients rely on us time and time again for their family issues; be it assistance through drafting a Pre-Nuptial Agreement to drafting up a Change of Name Deed. Since opening our doors in 1990, we’ve worked to improve the service we provide our clients. That means you can expect nothing less from our family solicitors than expertise across the board, a passion for problem solving and a dedication to each and every client – no matter how complex your case.

What is Collaborative Law?
Sali Jackson Thomas, Director and Head of Private Client Services at JCP Solicitors is an expert in a new and solution-orientated alternative to Court known as Collaborative Law. Collaborative Law is largely viewed as a way to “divorce with dignity”, using calm negotiation to reach a decision that meets the needs of both parties. This is achieved through each individual retaining his or her own collaborative lawyer and coming together into a “four way” conversation. During negotiation, your dedicated family law solicitor will actively promote solutions and help guide you through discussions to reach an agreement and avoid escalation.

What is Mediation?
Couples looking to reach an early agreement regarding children, property and finances may also find that mediation is the perfect solution for salvaging relationships and keeping the costs of divorce down. Mediation involves both parties coming together with a trained family mediator to work out their arrangements outside of court. At JCP, our specialist family solicitor Sali Jackson-Thomas is fully qualified as a mediator and will be able to guide you and your ex-partner through to resolution with ease.

For invaluable advice through life’s tough times, get in touch with JCP’s specialist family solicitors today.