Cohabitee Disputes Solicitors

Our Family Law team have many years experience dealing with Cohabitee Disputes, when a relationship has broken down and there is no marriage or civil partnership to dissolve. We understand your rights in relation to one another.

There is a common misconception that if you have lived with your partner for a certain number of years you are a “common law spouse” and have certain rights as against your partner. In law, there is no such thing as a “common law spouse” and if your relationship breaks down you cannot rely on the matrimonial legislation that would allow married couples to claim against one another.

If you are living with your partner and your relationship breaks down it is important that you take legal advice about the claims that are available to you. You will probably want to know what will happen with the house you have been living in and you will probably have questions about your other assets. You may have children together and you might have questions about who they are going to live with and what will happen if there is a dispute about this.

Sometimes the most confusing aspect can be your legal position as a cohabitee. At JCP we offer a fixed price first advice meeting so that you can establish your rights and what action you can take to help resolve the situation. 


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