Prenuptial Agreements Solicitors

When you are starting your life together as a couple, planning for things going wrong after your marriage or civil partnership ceremony may not seem like the most romantic way to begin. Recording your intentions at the outset can promote a happier relationship and save a lot of stress and heartache if things do go wrong.

Prenuptial Agreements

We have experience in preparing Prenuptial Agreements and Pre-Registration Agreements which can be taken into account by a Court in the event that the relationship breaks down. We can offer you comprehensive advice as to how best to protect your position and we can point your partner in the right direction for independent legal advice.

Cohabitation Agreements

The term ‘common law spouse’ is widely used to describe cohabitees which has led to a misconception that people who live together have similar rights to those who are married. Many people approach their Solicitor for advice about their rights as a ‘common law spouse’, without realising that their position is not protected by the law. You may want to consider entering into a cohabitation agreement with your partner to record your intentions at the outset.

We can advise you and prepare an agreement which could avoid the need for Court proceedings should the relationship break down.

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