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The Court of Protection exists to provide help to people who lack the mental capacity to make their own decisions concerning their welfare, health, property and finances. JCP Solicitors offers a regionally renowned, dedicated service covering all aspects of this specialist area of law.

Mental incapacity can arise as the result of a brain injury, or can be associated with disease or illness. It is not limited to any particular age group; it may be temporary or permanent, and the extent and effects will vary from person to person.

The Court of Protection is able to allocate its powers to another person if a need exists for decisions to be made ongoing into the future. The person who is allocated these powers is referred to as a Deputy.

The role of the specialist Court of Protection Team at JCP

At JCP Solicitors we have a specialist team dedicated to taking care of clients who have found themselves under the protection of the Court. Led by Director and Professional Deputy Lynne Morgan, a regionally respected expert in the field of traumatic brain injury claims and the Court of Protection, the team includes a further two dedicated Solicitors, two Legal Advisors and seven Legal Assistants.

A wide variety of reasons have brought JCP Court of Protection clients under the personal care of our team. We have a strong reputation across South and West Wales in the field of catastrophic injury and regularly continue relationships with clients for whom we have achieved compensation, ensuring that the money they have received is put to best use. Our core aim is to enable our clients to live as full a life as possible after their accident.
In addition, we take care of many clients who have lost mental capacity through dementia, illness or disease. Currently, our full-time Court of Protection specialists are trusted to act on an ongoing basis for a substantial number of clients whose total combined assets amount to circa £110 million.

How can we help you?

You may be seeking help for a loved one on a day to day basis so you can be reassured that everything is in place concerning their finances and welfare; it may be you need guidance in making your own deputyship application so you can take care of their needs yourself. Perhaps you have been asked to organise a test to determine mental capacity. Our Court of Protection team is able to assist in all of these areas:

Full Deputy Service
Director Lynne Morgan is a Court of Protection appointed Professional Deputy. Together with her team, Lynne takes responsibility for providing day to day support to those who have found themselves in a vulnerable position, making important decisions on their behalf and ensuring they have everything they need to live the best life possible.
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Legal Assistance Service
If you are acting as deputy for a loved one but, like many, are finding some of the day to day responsibilities and decisions something of a challenge, help is at hand in the form of our Legal Assistance Service. Services are offered on a flexible basis by our expert team of Legal Assistants.
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Personal Injury Trusts
The compensation you or a loved one received following an accident was awarded in order to provide help in a specific way. Unfortunately, such awards can sometimes lead you to find you are no longer eligible for certain means-tested state benefits. Personal Injury Trusts are designed to protect your future by keeping this eligibility intact.
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Determining Mental Capacity
If you have been asked to organise a mental capacity assessment, we can make all the arrangements directly for you with the appropriate professionals. Our role is to oversee the assessment and ensure its compliance with the Mental Capacity Act and associated Code of Practice and to guide you in what to do once you are in receipt of the results.
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Lasting Powers of Attorney
Choosing someone you trust to look after your affairs should you find yourself unable to do so is a wise course of action. Making a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) will provide this reassurance. However, it is vital to understand that making an LPA is only possible when you are fit and well. In other words, don’t leave it too late.
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"The firm also benefits from an ‘excellent’ Court of Protection offering, where Lynne Morgan’s professional deputy credentials sees her handling the property and affairs of incapacitated children and adults."
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