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Ways in Which We Have Helped Our Clients

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The below case studies show the way in which we are helping our accident and injury clients and how we enable their quality of life to improve after their accident. If we could wave a magic wand we would turn back time so that these clients did not have their accident in the first place. Compensation is not a windfall and all of our clients and their families will be the first in line to verify that position.

Susan from South Wales suffered a serious birth injury as a result of a fault in a Hospital in England. The case succeeded and almost £6M was awarded. Susan was able to purchase and adapt a country property where she now lives surrounded by dogs, chickens and horses, supported by her family and a dedicated team of therapists and support workers.

Robert from Pembrokeshire sustained severe head injuries as a result of a motor cycle accident which occurred when he was a teenager. Robert’s family actually appointed another firm of Solicitors who, after a period of delay, settled the claim for £250,000. This sounds like a lot of money, but was actually a substantial under settlement. We were instructed and took on a professional negligence claim against the original solicitors, which settled for approximately £1M. This has provided Robert with financial security that he needs to live comfortably with his family, to help them cope with his ongoing injuries, now and in the future.

Claire from Cardiff sustained severe head and other injuries as a result of an accident at work. The claim against her employers settled for just over £2M. This pays for a dedicated team of professional carers whose support has allowed Claire to resume an active role in her local community.

Gareth from Carmarthenshire had an accident at work and sustained severe head and back injuries. He originally instructed other solicitors but was not happy with the service provided, and arranged the transfer of his case so that JCP could act for him. Following this he suffered another head injury whilst out drinking. Due to our experience in head injury cases, we knew that an head injury expert would verify that this drinking to excess was as a result of his first accident, therefore the employers should be responsible for all the injuries caused to him. The case went to trial. We won but the employers took the case to the court of appeal. We won again. Gareth was awarded in excess of £550,000 to try and help get his life back on track, after not one but two horrific accidents where he was not at fault.  The case is so unusual that is has been reported in law reports and specialist training courses.

Names and locations of clients have been altered to protect identity.