Solicitors for Changing Your Name

Changing your name can seem simple enough but can be a frustrating process if not undertaken correctly. At JCP Solicitors we have helped many people legally change their name through the preparation of a simple legal document called a Change of Name Deed. If you are looking to change your name then we can prepare a change of name deed for you that should be accepted at all major organisations such as your bank, Passport Office and the DVLA.

Our fixed fee price for preparing a Change of Name Deed for an Adult is £150 plus VAT.

Change of name deeds for children under 18 can also be undertaken if both biological parents (and anyone else with parental responsibility for the child) are prepared to consent to this in writing. As these can be more complicated than an adult Change of Name Deed, we are unable to offer a fixed price to cover all scenarios. On enquiry we will be able to give you an accurate quotation tailored to your particular circumstances. Costs will start at £150 +VAT for straightforward situations.

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