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What is Divorce Day, and how can separating couples find support?

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Angela Killa, Director in the Family team at JCP Solicitors, offers advice and guidance to couples who plan to start divorce proceedings.

Although the length of marriages in the UK is increasing and divorce rates are going down, 42% of UK marriages end in divorce.

Falling on the first working Monday of January every year, Divorce Day – as it has become known – is the most common date in the calendar for couples to consult a divorce lawyer.

According to nationwide statistics, the number of enquiries solicitors receive on this Monday is double the number of standard enquiries. At JCP, our family team often see a spike in enquiries throughout January, with the first week seeing more couples seeking advice and support following a fraught festive season.

As members of Resolution, a community of family justice professionals working to resolve issues in a constructive way and reduce acrimony, we support separating families to gain their best possible outcome while remaining as amicable as possible.

Angela Killa, a Director in the Family team, offers her expert advice for couples considering divorce.

“There are a number of factors that make couples more likely to approach divorce lawyers on this date than others. For couples already on the brink, the financial and emotional stresses that often come with spending intense amounts of time as a family over Christmas can push them too far.

“Many will see the New Year as a new chapter, representing the appropriate time to leave an unhappy marriage if a separation has been on the cards for some time.

“For couples with children, many often wait until Christmas is out of the way before they approach divorce lawyers so as not to cause upset over the festive break.”

At JCP Solicitors, we can support you through family separation, including financial settlements, child agreements and divorce proceedings. It’s important to understand the steps involved in divorce as it can be a difficult, stressful time. Our expert team can guide you through the process throughout ¾ seeking the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

Taking the first steps can be hard, but we can help you to outline what the problems are in the marriage and seek resolution through mediation. Mediation can reduce costs and stress levels, with support available to resolve issues as amicably as possible.

If resolution cannot be reached, we are here to discuss your rights and options.

Angela continued: “At JCP, we take a child-centric approach to any divorce involving children. We will support you with living arrangements for any children, making sure that the child’s welfare is our number one priority.

“To support with this, we advise alternative methods of dispute resolution to resolve any issues – particularly relating to children - so that we can help to reduce the stress associated with these disagreements.

“Financial matters can also become extremely complex, especially if married partners have investments, pensions, property, and business interests which need separating. This might seem overwhelming to deal with, but that’s where Solicitors can come in. Our experts in financial matters can discuss this with you in detail, to ensure a fair division of assets during divorce.

“Overall, we understand this is an incredibly stressful time; our team are here to listen to your problems, answer your questions, and provide expert legal advice.”

For advice and guidance on family law, contact Angela Killa on 01267 248893 or email