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Why it Pays for Businesses to Watch Their IP's and Q's

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Intellectual Property (IP) theft and infringement costs British businesses billions of pounds each year– particularly in the software, electronics, pharmaceuticals and financial services sectors. In fact, any creative business, whether a fledgling SME...

Sweet Win For Lindt Over Trade mark Claims

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A German federal court has apparently ruled that Lindt’s golden chocolate bears are not an infringement of Haribo’s Gold Bear trade mark. Haribo has been producing jelly sweets since the 1920’s and has trade marks for both a gold bear logo...

Challenges For Copyright Owners

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The rise of the internet and social media over the last decade has presented new challenges for copyright owners and users of the internet alike.  In an increasingly competitive global economy, businesses are turning to online advertising in an effort...

A System Is Only As Good As It's Weakest Link

JCP Solicitors
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Developments in science has been instrumental in bringing clarity to difficult issues in court. The benefits of these advances are well publicised in terms of DNA, fingerprints and computer aided reconstruction. Over reliance on these systems can though...