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Spinal Injuries

Spinal injuries are life changing. As well as the pain, stress and disability, the financial consequences can be severe. It is not only the loss of a wage into the family home, but finding the money to have vehicles and houses specially adapted can be almost impossible.

Whilst we cannot reverse the effects of a spinal injury, our help and support will help you to face the financial challenges that lie ahead.

The issues involved in bringing a claim for compensation for a spinal injury can be hugely complex, so it is important seek the right professional advice from a solicitor who has experience in dealing with spinal injuries, and can help to secure interim payments and appropriate therapy.

We are listed in the Spinal Injuries Association approved Solicitors Scheme.

If you instruct us in relation to a spinal injury, it is likely that you will work with us for several years whilst we secure the best possible outcome for you. We, like you, understand that compensation is not a windfall, but enables our clients to live as full a life as possible after their accident.

"Once more I would like to express my appreciation for you help. Until you took my case I just was not being taken seriously."

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