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Changing Your Solicitor

There are many injury solicitors with a developed reputation for dealing with catastrophic injury.  However there are some lawyers who will take on this type of claim without having the required knowledge or specialisation to do it properly.  An inexperienced lawyer can make a dreadful situation much worse.

Characteristics which are usually common to such cases are:

  • Delay
  • Failure to arrange sufficient interim payments to meet immediate financial needs
  • Failure to arrange appropriate therapy
  • Under-settlement of the final claim

A catastrophic injury is life changing.  As well as the pain, stress and disability, the list of additional costs arising from a serious accident can be endless.

We are regularly instructed, often by the Official Solicitor, to pick up the pieces of catastrophic injury cases mishandled by solicitors lacking the experience to deal with these complex claims.

If you instruct us in relation to a mishandled catastrophic injury, it is likely that you will work with us for several years whilst we secure the best possible outcome for you.  We, like you, understand that compensation is not a windfall but enables our clients to live as full a life as possible after their accident.

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