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APIL Injury Prevention Week 2020

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During lockdown, it is likely that most of us became used to very little traffic on the roads, walking and cycling, whilst listening to the sound of the birds. 

Since the lockdown has eased and things have started to return to some sort of normality, at JCP we are seeing the return of enquiries for injuries sustained from road traffic collisions, from both vehicle users and pedestrians.

To that end, APIL’s annual Injury Prevention Week which this year focuses on Pedestrian Safety is extremely relevant and timely.

In my day job, I act for clients who have suffered life-changing injuries as a result of accidents on the road, so I like to think that I am very safety conscious. This campaign is a great reminder for us all, and I am really pleased to play a part in helping to raise awareness of the three key messages.

Stop, Look, Listen

I remember the days, many years ago when at primary school receiving a visit from Tufty Flufftail the squirrel to teach us the Green Cross Code and to stop, look and listen when crossing the road.

We can all support APIL’s campaign by ensuring that our children and grandchildren know the Green Cross Code. Children often learn by copying our behaviour and talking to the young people in your family as you cross the road together will help to teach the code.

APIL has shared a short quiz for children to see if they are road aware. I will be doing this with my son after work today! The quiz can be found on their Injury Prevention Facebook page here.

Vehicle Reversing, Please Take Care

It is not only children that we need to teach to be more aware; a YouGov survey conducted by APIL for the campaign found that more than half of non-drivers did not know how to tell if a car was reversing.

If you are a car driver it is easy to take it for granted that all pedestrians around you recognise reversing lights, but sadly this isn’t the case. Teaching our children, teenagers and non- driving members of the family to look out for reversing lights and brake lights (important for cyclists) could one day be a life-saver.

Follow APIL’s Facebook page for more info on this one!

Pocket Your Phone

We are all aware of the dangers when using a mobile phone whilst driving but I am not sure whether we are so alive to the dangers when we are pedestrians. As far back as 2016, the AA reported that 72% of drivers noted that they often saw pedestrians distracted by their phones step into the road.

With the increased use of technology, then add headphones into the mix, it would not surprise me if that figure had risen.

APIL has a really good video to share on this one, have a look here.

Mei Li is the head of catastrophic injury at JCP Solicitors and has passed a stringent application process to be listed by APIL as a senior litigator.

As Mum to Max aged 10, Mei is passionate about injury prevention on the road for children.

If you have any questions you can contact Mei for an informal chat on 01792 529615 or email

For more information on APIL’s Injury Prevention Campaign you can follow the below social media platforms or use the hashtag #IPWeek2020