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Slips and Falls

Whether you slipped whilst out shopping in a local super market, or fell over whilst walking along a public pavement, if you have suffered an injury as a result, we can help you claim compensation.

If you have suffered such an injury, we would advise that you:

  • Take a photo of the area where you tripped/slipped and what caused you to fall, preferably using a tape measure or even a well known object such as a 50p piece to give some idea as to the depth of the defect;
  • Keep the names and contact details of any witnesses;
  • Report your accident to the business or operator in charge of the area so that they can make a note of the accident;
  • Seek medical attention from the hospital of your GP as soon as possible and ensure they record how your injuries were caused.

So if you think you may have a claim, call now and we will arrange a free, no obligation face to face or telephone interview with a member of our highly experienced and friendly team so that you can be aware of your options.


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