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Motorcycle Accident Compensation Claims

Roads are predominantly dominated by cars, and as such, the vast majority of road traffic accidents involve car occupants with car accidents in 2017 accounting for 787 deaths. However, the fatalities of motorcyclists are nearly half this figure, which is staggering given the fact motorcyclists form only a small percentage of road users.

Due to the risks faced by motorcyclists they are generally considered to be vulnerable road users and are considered to be the most at risk on the road.

In 2016, over 19,297 motorcyclists were injured in reported road accidents, 319 of which were killed and 5,553 were seriously injured.

The impact of a motorcycle accident can be as minor as a few bumps and bruises, but often such accidents can result in life-altering injuries such as Spinal and/or Head and Brain Injuries and unfortunately in some instances can result in a fatality.

We here at JCP Solicitors, have a dedicated and experienced Personal Injury team who can help you with a wide range of matters which includes claims involving motorcycle accidents.

If you have been injured as a result of a motorcycle accident, claiming compensation could help you in funding the private treatment or rehabilitation you need to expedite your recovery, it could also help you financially if you have suffered a loss of earnings due to having time off work, so you have peace of mind whilst you are recovering.

We understand that clients have some concerns before deciding whether to pursue a Personal Injury claim, these usually being the issue of cost and the level of support they receive from their solicitor during the course of pursuing the claim. At JCP we specialise in dealing with claims on a “No Win, No Fee” basis, so you don’t have to worry about a hefty bill in pursuing such a claim. Since a change in the law in 2013, solicitors are able to charge a success fee of up to 25% of any compensation received but this is limited to the award for your injuries and past losses. This success fee is assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Our dedicated team are friendly and approachable and have years of experience within this sector. We will ensure that you get the best advice and support in pursuing a claim and achieving the best possible outcome. We can also help you with arranging any private rehabilitation you need before your claim is concluded, so you get ahead in your recovery.

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Motorcycle Accident Claims

As a motorcyclist, you are a road user, and as such you owe other road users a ‘duty of care’ but conversely you are also owed a legal ‘duty of care’ by other road users. These include pedestrians, cyclists, passengers, other motorcyclists and anyone else who uses the road. This duty of care means that as a road user, you must take reasonable care to ensure that any action you take, or any action you fail to take does not cause an injury to any other road user. 

If you do not take such reasonable care then you would be in breach of this ‘duty of care’ meaning you have been negligent in causing the said injury or damage. If you should be in breach of your statutory duty this would then mean that you’re liable/responsible for causing an accident.

Common types of motorcycle accidents involve as follows:

  • Accidents caused by cars pulling out of junctions
  • Diesel & oil spills
  • Accidents whilst overtaking or filtering and vehicles turning left
  • Head-on collisions
  • Accidents involving pedestrians
  • Other motorcycles
  • Road surface (potholes defects etc.)
  • Stationary car accidents
  • Vehicle loses control and collides with the oncoming rider

You would be eligible to claim for injury or damage if you have been affected by a negligent road user’s breach of the statutory duty to take reasonable care in using the road. This applies to all other road users including pedestrians and cyclists.

Should you wish to make such a claim you have 3 years from the date of the accident to bring legal action otherwise the claim will become statute barred. However, if the claim should relate to a child, then the time limit to bring an action is 3 years after they have reached their 18th birthday.

Starting a Motorbike Accident Compensation Claim with JCP Solicitors

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident in which you have suffered an injury and/or damage and you wish to pursue a claim for Personal Injury with JCP Solicitors, we offer a free consultation in which you will put in contact with one of our dedicated team. During the free consultation, we will take your contact details, the details of the person who caused your accident and/or their insurers' details and circumstances of the accident.

Once we have this information it will be passed on to one of the senior members of the team to assess whether you have a valid claim and whether that claim has sufficient prospects of success.

If you have a valid claim which has sufficient prospects of success, then we will open your file and send you our initial documentation, which will also include a draft letter of claim or claim notification form for your consideration. Once this has been approved we will then send it to the person who caused the accident, (the Defendant), or their insurers to start the claim.

Here at JCP Solicitors, we specialise in Conditional Fee Agreements, commonly known as ‘No Win No Fee’ agreements. This option for funding a Personal Injury claim is very popular amongst clients as it allows them to pursue a claim for Personal Injury, without the worry of a hefty price tag associated with legal fees. A ‘No Win No Agreement’ essentially means that if your claim should be unsuccessful then you will not be charged however, if your claim is successful we then charge a percentage of the compensation you receive. This percentage is limited to a maximum of 25% of the compensation you receive. However, this is only in relation to your injuries and past losses, any future losses claimed would not be subject to a success fee deduction.

Building Your Motorcycle Accident Claim

If you should decide to proceed with your claim, we will send the letter of claim or claim notification form to the Defendant’s insurers. They will then carry out necessary investigations in order to determine whether their insured party is liable (responsible) for your injury or not. Once we are in receipt of this decision we will then proceed to obtain the necessary evidence in support of your claim. This evidence includes the following:

  • Medical Evidence: This takes the form of a medical report prepared by an appropriate independent medical expert following a review of your medical records and examination of you in order to prepare the report.
  • Evidence of your out-of-pocket expenses: If you suffer any out-of-pocket expenses such as travel expenses, loss of earnings, care costs, and treatment costs. You will need to provide evidence of such costs such as wage slips, invoices/receipts, travel tickets etc. in order to be able to claim these costs back.
  • Engineering Evidence: This independent expert evidence will be required in cases in which the mechanism or cause of the accident needs to be proved, such as in some road traffic accidents where perhaps the cause of the accident is uncertain and liability is denied.

Once the evidence is finalised and approved by you, it will be disclosed to the Defendant’s insurer for their consideration. In claims where liability is admitted, we will then proceed to value your claim by reference to the medical evidence prepared to value the injuries you have suffered, known as ‘General Damages’. We also value your claim for your out-of-pocket expenses, known as ‘Special Damages’ using the evidence that you provide.

Securing Compensation for Your Motorcycle Accident

There are two ways of securing compensation, either through an out of Court settlement or, before a Judge at a Court hearing. The majority of claims are settled out of Court. This is advantageous to both parties involved as it is less costly than proceeding to Court and is also less stressful as there is no pressure of appearing before a Judge and giving oral evidence.

More importantly, it also allows us as your legal representatives, to negotiate the best settlement for you, consulting you throughout the process, rather than placing all your faith in an independent Judge at Court, where it is extremely difficult in predicting the outcome they may reach.

On occasions, commencing Court proceedings will be necessary, for example in claims where:

If it is necessary for a claim to proceed to Court we will prepare the necessary paperwork to issue Court Proceedings on your behalf and talk you through each stage of the Court timetable.

Why use JCP Solicitors for your Motorcycle Accident Claim

Whatever the circumstances of your motorcycle claim, we at JCP Solicitors will ensure that you as our client, have the practical and emotional support you need during the process of pursuing your claim.

The Personal Injury team has many years of experience within this field and holds the Law Society Personal Injury accreditation as well as a Tier 2 Personal Injury ranking in the Legal 500 and a Band 1 Personal Injury ranking in Chambers & Partners.

We also have close ties with charitable organisations such as our membership with:

  • Headway who specialise in helping and supporting people who have suffered from head and brain injuries
  • Spinal Injuries Association who specialise in helping and supporting people who are affected by spinal cord injuries.

We have helped thousands of clients in securing the compensation they deserve arising out of Road Traffic Accidents ranging from lower-level whiplash claims to high-level claims involving head and spinal injuries.

We are based throughout South Wales with offices in the following locations:

If you have been involved in a Motorcycle accident and have sustained an injury, then please contact us to arrange your free consultation to discuss your potential claim with us today by phone on 03333 209 244, by email at law@jcpsolicitors.co.uksend an enquiry on our website or through our chat facilities.