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How it Works

The personal injury claim process

Initial Interview & Gathering Evidence

At our initial free interview, we will discuss the accident circumstances and the injuries you sustained.  We will need details of the potential Defendant, ie the driver of the car at fault in an RTA, the employer’s name and address when you have suffered an accident at work, the name of a shop/building/street where you fell etc.

We will take a statement from you and anyone who witnessed the accident and we will draft a letter to the proposed Defendant setting out the details of the claim you intend to make.

Defendant’s Response

The Defendant or their insurers have a duty to respond, either admitting or denying fault, within 3 months and 3 weeks of the date of the letter we send to them.  If the Defendant admits fault, we will obtain medical evidence.  If fault is denied, we will investigate the claim further and possibly consider court proceedings.

Medical Evidence

Medical evidence will be needed to confirm the injuries sustained by you and how they have affected your everyday life. This is why you must seek medical advice as soon as possible after your accident. This evidence we obtain, once approved by you, will be sent to the Defendants or their insurer.

Other Financial Losses

If you have lost out financially as a result of another’s fault, we can claim the losses for you which may include your loss of earnings, travelling expenses etc and details of these losses will also need to be forwarded to the Defendants. It essential to keep receipts for anything bought as a result of your injuries and to keep anything that has been damaged.


If fault has been proved, we will obtain compensation on your behalf.

Legal Costs

The loser pays the winners costs so if you are successful, the loser will pay the majority of your legal costs on top of your compensation.

After Settlement

For the majority of clients, this is the end of our involvement.  However, for some our involvement continues, particularly if the value of the claim is quite substantial and/or you require assistance in dealing with your compensation.  We are able to put you in touch with appropriate Financial Advisers, who will assist you in best dealing with your compensation.

"The service, advice and support has been first class. I am very grateful for the teams professional guidance. Thank you very much."

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