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Transporting Of Horses - Do You Need Seatbelts In The Living Of A Horsebox?

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From the 18th September 2006 regulations came into force decreeing that children under 4ft 5ins (135 centimetres) must use correct child restraint at all times in cars and goods vehicles.  A child restraint is a baby seat/child seat booster cushion obviously appropriately secured and manufactured to correct standards.
Drivers are also responsible for ensuring that children under 14 years of age use the correct restraint in front or back of a vehicle and are liable for prosecution if they fail to comply.
It has recently been reported that a showing producer carrying passengers under the age of 14 years of age in the living of her lorry was given a Fixed Penalty Notice.  The Leicester Magistrates Court hearing the trial of the case dismissed the charge but it is felt that this remains a very grey area and it may be a case of “watch this space”.