Buying and Selling Agricultural Property

Care needs to taken when buying and selling such a valuable commodity.  Our dedicated Rural Practice team and Commercial Property team have the experience you need. 

Here at JCP Solicitors our Rural Practice Teams and our Commercial Property Teams have years of experience in agricultural property matters and are the panel Solicitors for the National Farmers Union in South Wales.  Whether you are buying, selling or renting agricultural property, we can provide you with expert legal advice and understanding to help you achieve the best outcome.

Our dedicated team will work closely with you, to help make buying or selling a farm or land a success. 

Buying Agricultural Property

The purchase of agricultural property invariably involves important and complex issues over and above the purchase of residential property. Our specialist knowledge and understanding of agricultural property issues ensure that we can identify, advise and deal with matters such as:

  • Telecom masts, solar panels and wind turbines
  • Wayleaves
  • Easements for services
  • Public and private rights of way
  • Entitlements under the Basic Payment Scheme
  • Environmental or stewardship schemes
  • Environmental issues
  • Existing agricultural tenancies
  • Private water
  • Private drainage
  • Sporting rights
  • Machinery, livestock, goodwill
  • Sites of Special Scientific Interest, listed buildings, conservation areas and historic monuments
  • Common land
  • Overage and option agreements
  • Pre-emption agreements
  • Tax considerations

Selling Agricultural Property

If you are considering putting your land, farm or estate on the market, we would recommend that you involve us as soon as possible to enable us to work with you and your agent to pull together vital information relating to your property and resolve any issues that maybe identified. This could include, amongst a number of other potential issues, identifying and addressing the following:

  • Reviewing your title documents and plan (whether registered or unregistered)
  • If you are selling part, reviewing the professional plan to be attached to the Transfer and consider what rights need to be granted, what rights need to be reserved and what covenants are required, if any
  • Development potential – overage agreements or option agreements
  • Any existing tenancies or any other occupants on the land
  • Any entitlements under the Basic Payment Scheme and whether they are to be transferred to the Buyer
  • Any environmental and stewardship schemes
  • Planning and building regulations approval, where required 
  • Tax consequences of the sale

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