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Do You Have a Lasting Power of Attorney? You Could Be Eligible for a Refund of the Registration Fee

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Thousands of people set up and register Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPAs) each year whilst they are fit and well, as a sensible way of allowing a trusted person - an Attorney - to assist them and make important decisions on their behalf about...

The Document That Everyone Wishes They Had Written When It's Too Late

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I am always surprised at the number of business owners that I talk to who have not considered the impact that the unexpected death or critical illness of one of the owners would have on their business. Many have successful businesses and are understandably...

There And Back Again: A Back Up Tale

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Our merry bunch of 16 adventurers adorned their magical daffodil heads last Saturday bound with the single purpose of conquering Mountain Snowdon. The quest started bright and early as the party assembled at the foot of Electric Mountain. Eagerly we...

Get Up For Back Up!

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When our Marketing Director asked me if I wanted to climb Snowdon for the charity Back Up, I thought why not, that doesn’t sound too bad, a bit of additional training incorporated into my normal gym routine and I’m there. How wrong could I be?! ...