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There And Back Again: A Back Up Tale

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Our merry bunch of 16 adventurers adorned their magical daffodil heads last Saturday bound with the single purpose of conquering Mountain Snowdon. The quest started bright and early as the party assembled at the foot of Electric Mountain.

Eagerly we disclaimed our lives away in the name of this heroic deed before setting off laden with as much fluid and Lembas energy bars as we could muster, our goal being cunningly obscured from sight initially. The terrain was rouged and challenging but that did not deter us. The blazing sun breathed upon us with fire as hot as a dragon’s breath and still onwards and upwards we travelled into the cloud and beyond. After several days (or at least it felt that way) we at last lay eyes on our prise and the summit lay before us. In a last effort we summoned all our power and might to scale the remaining rocky out crops and place our champion Garethupon his throne at the highest point in the realm.

After pausing for breath, we realised that our quest was not over and preparation were a foot for our decent. Energy sapped we rallied together and began our return of Electrics Mountain were the spoils of our efforts awaited. With increased ferocity the fire from the sky beat down upon us seemingly intent on defeating our quest. With every step the fellowship weaken in the heat. Eventually our steps grew heavy and the dark cloud of defeat lay over fellowship with the end so nearly in sight. Exhausted the quest stood on the edge of a knife, all strength had left our limbs we were so close to completing the challenge but yet there was some distance to travel. In our darkest hour a local Inn keeper came to the rescue and furnished the fellowship with a product from the Elves themselves - ice cool freshly prepared traditional lemonade. Spirits lifted and with the last of our might the fellowship triumphantly completed its mighty quest.

The healing properties of the mountain lake were sought to revitalise our weary limbs before we returned victorious to our camp in the quiet Shire. A regal fest awaited in the banqueting halls where tales were exchanged with other adventurers. The celebrations lasted long after the blazing sun had set and the fellowship entertained with songs of old and dancing. All were merry and vowed to return to take up the challenge again next year.

Well done to all the team and a huge thank you to everyone that supported us. The team managed to smash its target a raise over £4,200.00 including gift aid. The event raised over £35,000.00 for BACK UP. If you have not already made a donation and would like to show your support there is still time. Please click on the link below.