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Get Up For Back Up!

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When our Marketing Director asked me if I wanted to climb Snowdon for the charity Back Up, I thought why not, that doesn’t sound too bad, a bit of additional training incorporated into my normal gym routine and I’m there.

How wrong could I be?!

What she didn’t tell me was that I would be part of a team of 16, who would be assisting spinal cord injury survivor Gareth Hinkley, climb the mountain in a specially modified wheelchair.

Still doesn’t sound THAT bad right? – The initial training day proved me wrong again!!

Our initial training took place on Pen y Fan, and it gave us a chance to experience what we are going to be faced with…and believe me coupled with the fact that we are a very competitive team- it will not be an easy challenge.

Some of the team had not met before and it was good opportunity to get to know each other. It was particularly good for the team to meet the most important person in the whole challenge: Gareth, and for him to gain trust of his team before the main event!

Although it was by no means an easy task, the day was a great taste of the challenge that awaits us. Not only are the team competitive and ready to win, not withstanding this determination, getting Gareth to the summit of Snowdon safely is the number one priority.

Having spent time with Gareth, and he really is a super (and very brave) guy, the team members are now even more determined to succeed. Even though Gareth was pulled, pushed and buffeted around for most of the day he did not utter one moan or groan, even when we had to lift him in the chair over the farm style gain at the foot of the mountain!

It was a very useful training day to establish the additional equipment that will be required on the day and test various techniques for manoeuvring the chair up and down the rugged mountain terrain.

So to donate or read more about Gareth and the other companies involved, here’s the link to the Just Giving page:

The push is taking place on Saturday 7th July and I and the rest of the team would be so very grateful if you could support us in any small way for such a good cause.