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Life-Saving Equipment in Cowbridge Town Centre Thanks To JCP Defibrillator Donation

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Having pledged its support to Welsh Hearts as its Charity of the Year, JCP Solicitors has installed a public access defibrillator in Cowbridge town centre.

The lifesaving equipment has been installed outside the JCP office, which is located at The Pavilion, on Cowbridge High Street. This installation has been part of a firmwide drive to place a defibrillator within each of the nine communities JCP serves.

Chris Shaw a Director and Head of JCP Solicitors’ Cowbridge office, said: “We are very pleased to see this valuable equipment installed in Cowbridge town centre, in support of the valuable work carried out by Welsh Hearts. As a community-based business we are happy to get behind this great charity and to do what we can to raise awareness of this important issue of heart health. We are grateful to Welsh Hearts for taking the time to  provide us with defibrillator and CPR training  too, so we are well-equipped to use the equipment.”

Sharon Owen, Director of Welsh Hearts said: “We are very pleased that JCP Solicitors’ Social and Community Group chose our charity to support for their 2018/2019 financial year. Without support from our local communities and from businesses such as JCP Solicitors we would not be able to provide the support we offer, which saves lives in Wales every year – we are striving to secure a future where nobody in Wales dies prematurely from heart disease.

“Cardiovascular disease accounts for a third of all deaths in Wales, where the death rate is higher than in the majority of countries in Western Europe, and Welsh Hearts is the leading heart charity in Wales for placing defibrillators in communities and delivering CPR and defibrillator training.”

JCP has organised a host of fundraising events for the charity, including raffles and social get-togethers, with prizes donated from local businesses. So the Welsh Hearts fundraising drive has been very much a local affair.

For more details about Welsh Hearts go to:

(Left to Right: Chris Shaw, Leyann Davies, Tammy Nurse, Sarah Woods, Amy Henson, Chris Q Davies)