Patent Solicitors

Patents are a monopoly right that protect technological inventions.  Patents are territorial and in the UK can last up to 20 years. 

Although we do not apply for patents at JCP Solicitors (we leave that up to the patent attorneys!) we do regularly draft agreements that relate to patents.  Examples of these agreements would be assignments and licences of patents and work relating to research and collaboration agreements.  We also provide non-disclosure agreements (see below).

A cautionary note - if you think you have an invention that may be capable of patent protection it is vitally important that you do not tell anyone before speaking to a patent attorney (or at least putting in place a valid non-disclosure agreement).  If you do, your invention may be deemed to have been “disclosed” and this can mean that your patent will be refused on the basis of “prior art”. 

But some good news – there are various tax advantages attached to patents and the Patent Box regime is one such scheme.  Your accountant will be able to advise you, so (without disclosing your invention) it can be good to take early accounting and tax advice.

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