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Mae Angela yn  Gyfreithwraig Gyswllt yn ein Tîm Cyfraith Teulu gan weithio o’n swyddfa yng Nghaerfyrddin.  Arbeniga Angela mewn pob elfen o Gyfraith Teulu gan gynnwys materion cymhleth yn ymwneud â phlant, ysgariad a datrysiadau ariannol.

Gall Angela gynnig gwasanaeth trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg a’r Saesneg, yn ogystal ag ymgymryd â gwaith llys yn y ddwy iaith. Mae’n aelod o Banel Plant Cymdeithas y Gyfraith sy’n cadarnhau boddhad y Gymdeithas bod gan Angela lefel uchel o wybodaeth, sgiliau, profiad ac ymarfer ym maes cyfraith plant ac y bydd hi’n cynnal hyn.

Mae Angela wedi ymrwymo i weithio o fewn y gymuned a bod yn rhan ohoni. Y tu allan i’r swyddfa mwynha treulio amser gyda’i theulu yn ogystal â rhedeg, seiclo a choginio.

Angela Killa
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Ask The Legal Expert: How do I end a Civil Partnership?

  • Posted

Angela Killa, Associate Solicitor from the Family Law team here at JCP, shines a light on the process of dissolving a Civil Partnership. My partner and I have been in a Civil Partnership for two years and we have decided to split after some...

Ask The Legal Expert: Your Child Living Abroad - Resolving Disputes Between Parents

  • Posted

Angela Killa, Associate Solicitor within the Family Law team here at JCP Solicitors, tackles an issue around parental disputes over taking a child abroad to live. My ex-wife is considering taking a job in Germany, which would see her take our...

Ask The Legal Expert: Family Disputes Over Medical Treatment

  • Posted

Angela Killa, from the Family Law team, tackles an issue around parental disputes over medical treatment for a child. My six-year-old daughter has hearing problems. My ex-husband and I cannot agree on whether she should have a procedure, under...

Ask The Legal Expert: Preventing Parental Disputes at Christmas

  • Posted

Angela Killa, a Solicitor in the Family Law team shares her advice regarding Christmas arrangements for separated families. "My ex partner and I split this year and I don't want our young daughter to get caught up in any disputes about who...

How much does a divorce cost?

  • Posted

Divorce costs depend upon the particular case. In every case, there are Court fees, which are currently £550 for the filing of your petition. This includes the fee for applying for the decree absolute. Even if your divorce is relatively straightforward...

Ask The Legal Expert - Parental Consent

  • Posted

My 9-year-old daughter lives with my ex, who has remarried. My ex-wife and I had a recent row and she’s refusing to let me take our daughter abroad next month, as previously arranged. What can I do? Disputes such as these are stressful for all...

Ask The Legal Expert: Divorce and Contact

  • Posted

Angela Killa, from our Family Law team, tackles a common divorce issue where a couple are divorcing with recrimination on both sides. My 13-year-old daughter is becoming distant from me and my wife has said, in front of our child, that spending time with...

Ask The Legal Expert- Taking Children Out Of School

  • Posted

This month, Angela Killa, from the Family Law team at JCP Solicitors, tackles an issue around leaves of absence from school. We’re planning a family reunion in the US for a relative’s 70th birthday, so we need to travel on a particular date....

Ask The Legal Expert- Marriage V Civil Partnership

  • Posted

This month Angela Killa, from the Family Law team at JCP Solicitors, shares her advice regarding the legal distinctions between marriage and civil partnerships. My partner has just proposed to me and we are very excited about our future together. We are in...

Ask The Legal Expert- Abusive Partners & Child Contact

  • Posted

This month Angela Killa, based in our Carmarthen office, shares her advice regarding access to a child after allegations of an abusive partnership. "My ex-boyfriend has applied to the Court to see our daughter. He was abusive towards me, I’m...

Happy Christmas for the Modern, Complex Family

  • Posted

Christmas is, of course, a time of celebration, reflection upon the year gone by and the year ahead, and a time for family. For many of us it can also be fraught with extra stresses and pitfalls – not least for the *more than 500,000 step-families in...

New Family Law Specialist Joins JCP Solicitors Carmarthen Team

  • Posted

JCP Solicitors has boosted its well-respected Family Law team in Carmarthen, with a new recruit to the firm. Angela Killa will be part of the busy Family Law team at JCP’s Carmarthen office, joining Head of the Team Sali Jackson-Thomas, Matthew Wells...