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Angela To Further Champion The Needs of Families In Legal Proceedings

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Congratulations to Angela Killa, Associate Solicitor in our Family Team on her appointment to Resolution’s Children Committee.



Having been on the Law Society’s Children Panel for over 10 years, this important new role will see Angela further champion the needs of families as she joins Resolution in its work to lobby Government for changes in the law, to make proceeding more family focussed. Resolution was instrumental in the recent adoption of the much-heralded No Fault Divorce ruling, which is taking much of the heat and stress out of Divorce proceedings for couples.

We know that places on the Children Committee are much sought after and we are very proud that Angela has been selected. She has always been a steadfast voice for families who are going through the legal system, and her warm, approachable, professionalism is admired by her colleagues both at JCP and across the wider legal sector.

The Children Committee works to protect children in the family justice system and it helps members put children at the centre of family justice by promoting a child-friendly way of working, encouraging good practice in the field of children law, influencing government policy, law, and raising the profile of children specialists and children’s issues.

Generally, the focus of the committee’s work includes:

  • Campaigning and lobbying for change by proposing campaign issues and supporting organisational campaigns
  • Coordinating Resolution’s policy in regards to children law and practise
  • Responding to consultations and assisting with research
  • Proposing, delivering, and supporting the delivery of training, including at National Conference
  • Providing guidance materials and resources for members
  • Providing precedents/supporting materials for precedents

Contact our Family team for support and guidance on a range of Family matters on or call 03333 208644.