High End Conveyancing Prices

Properties priced £500,000 and over exceed the limit for buying and selling on our online estimator, however, we are able to provide you with a price guide in the form of a range. This range is subject to the complexities that a house sale or purchase of this value may include, and will reflect the market conditions in the area that the property is situated at the time of the quote.

Our prices for high-end conveyancing are based on a fixed price starting at £1,200 + VAT and depending on the value of your property can rise to £10,000 + VAT. However, for high value properties over £3m, there are usually complexities involved and we may need to provide you with a more comprehensive quote from our Commercial Property team.

For properties that require particularly complex considerations, we may advise that the matter would need to pass to a specialist and would fall outside of our fixed price conveyancing service.

Other disbursements that will/could apply include:-       


If the property is leasehold - £150 +VAT

Searches – approximately £165 +VAT ( approximately)

No search indemnity - £30

Telegraphic transfer - £35 + VAT per transfer

Land Transaction Tax / Stamp Duty Land Tax - JCP cost for administration - £75 + VAT

If a mortgage is required for the purchase - £95 +VAT

Lawyer checker - £18 +VAT

ID checker for client(s) and giftor(s) - £15 +VAT per purchaser/ giftor

Unregistered land - £150 +VAT

Help to Buy ISA - £50 +VAT

Help to Buy Armed Forces - £125 +VAT

Help to Buy Shared Equity - £150 +VAT

Source of Funds Admin Fee - £50 + VAT

Office Copies/ Bankruptcy/OS1/Land Registry Admin Fee and Lender Monitor Fee - £25.00 approximately

We are required to undertake checks in relation to the source of funds being used for your purchase.

If you are receiving any funds for the purchase by way of a gift from another person, we will need to undertake additional source of funds check in relation to the gift - £9.95 +VAT.

If you are buying a new build there with be additional legal fees  - £200.00 +VAT.

If you are buying a new build there could be new build service charges - £50 +VAT.

If there are any restrictions on the title that need to be reviewed and dealt with - £50 +VAT.

Land Transaction Tax / Stamp Duty Land Tax - This tax is set by the Government and rates can be found here.


If the property is leasehold - £150 +VAT

Telegraphic transfer - £35 +VAT per transfer

Unregistered - £150 +VAT

Lawyer checker - £12 +VAT

ID checker - £15 +VAT per seller

Mortgage fee - £50 + VAT

Land registry / bankruptcy searches approximately £20 +VAT - depending on number applied for.

Once we fully understand the requirements of your high-end property sale or purchase we will be able to provide you with a fixed price quotation and a final breakdown of additional disbursements that may apply.

Please contact one of our expert team members below or contact us here.

VAT is currently charged at 20%.


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