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Between your property and your neighbour’s property is a boundary line. This line determines where your land ends and where theirs begins. Boundary disputes can arise in a number of different ways and over the smallest pieces of land.

To determine the correct positioning of a boundary, reference must be made to the deeds for each property. Often the plans attached to the deeds will show a different position to that on the ground. When seeking to establish the correct boundary line, it is important that landowners consider whether the boundaries have been altered over the years by adverse possession.

There are numerous presumptions which may be helpful, but not necessarily definitive, to determining the position of a boundary. However evidence may be submitted to disprove these presumptions.

At JCP, our expert team of property litigation solicitors will provide invaluable advice regarding the positioning of your boundary. With experience in preparing applications to rectify title deeds and also defending such applications, our solicitors can assist in resolving any form of boundary dispute, including disputes between landowners under the Party Wall Act. 

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Boundary disputes are a common cause for disputes between neighbours. If you believe your neighbour has overstepped their boundary or has begun expanding into your territory, your first step should be to seek legal advice from a specialist property disputes solicitor.

It’s easy to see why: after all, property is one of the most expensive and important purchases we can make in life, so it’s expected for emotions to run high. That said, many of us are not aware of the general boundaries of our property, making it easy for disputes of this nature to occur.

At JCP, our specialist team of boundary dispute solicitors are here to provide advice and assistance aimed at resolving the issues at the earliest possible opportunity. Whether you need advice and assistance in creating a boundary agreement or if you would like to claim for damages due to trespassing, you can rely on our solicitors to achieve an outcome that protects your property.

How can JCP’s boundary dispute solicitors help me?

Here at JCP, we’re proud of our property department. As a strong team of solicitors with a proven track record for tackling property issues with ease, you can rest assured that your boundary dispute will be resolved. We know how stressful and time-consuming it can be to be at war with your neighbour, and the last thing you want is for the dispute to drag out. That’s why our boundary dispute solicitors will always go above and beyond for you, not only assisting to resolve your conflict but also taking steps to minimise the risk of future disputes arising.

Our priority is to protect your interests, and we will always aim to do so through methods of alternative dispute resolution with a view to then avoiding the time and costs involved with court proceedings. Using skilful negotiation, we have successfully helped a large number of home-owners through conflicts with neighbours, landlords and developers.

Where is my boundary line?

When  property is registered with the Land Registry, a Title Plan is created. A Title Plan is a drawing which determines the general boundaries of the property. However, it’s crucial to note that a Title Plan only shows the general position rather than the exact boundary line. While this document may help, it could be subject to distortions and should not be used specifically to define your boundary lines. If there is no documentation to prove the history of your boundary lines, the decision will fall to you and your neighbour to determine the correct positioning of the boundary. Ultimately, both parties can come together to decide on the exact line that separates their property, creating a legal document to record this. However, if you cannot reach an agreement regarding where the boundary line should be, our dedicated boundary dispute solicitors will be at hand to help you promptly resolve the issue.

What is a boundary feature?

A boundary feature is something that separates your neighbour’s property from your own. This generally tends to be a wall, a hedge or a fence, but doesn’t necessarily represent your legal boundary. As a result, boundary features are often prevalent in property disputes and the cause for on-going tension between neighbours. Often, Title Deeds contain a covenant, which define who is responsible for the maintenance of a boundary feature. If the ownership of the boundary feature is not clear, disagreements such as these can escalate easily. At JCP, our boundary dispute solicitors have vast experience helping property owners to settle issues regarding their boundary features, often helping both parties to reach an agreement on the ownership of the feature.

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