Levels of HR Support

Our HR Support Packages are split into three levels. We are happy to have a no-obligation chat with you to see whether one of these packages would be suitable for your business. 

How much will it cost? 

We will provide you with quotation for a fixed monthly price to meet your requirements. With prices starting from £199 + VAT You may be surprised at how cost effective an HR Package could be for your business. 

HR Support Level 1

This package provides Basic HR Support from our HR Advisors. We recommend this level of support for small and start-up businesses with few employee relations issues, who want to ensure that normal, day-to-day HR processes are effective and legally compliant. Advice is usually provided within 2 working days in our level 1 Support package.

What is included?

  • Standard employment contract suitable for most roles
  • The legally required and essential HR policies and procedures most businesses require
  • HR Helpline - telephone and email advice and support as and when required (subject to reasonable usage)
  • Advice on the management of standard day to day HR issues such as absence management, poor performance and conduct issues
  • A newsletter for our HR Services Clients

HR Support Level 2

This package provides Complex HR Support from our HR Advisors. We recommend this level of support for businesses who commonly experience issues
such as the management of sickness absence (both long and short term), performance management and disciplinary matters. Advice is usually provided
within 1 working day in our level 2 support package.

What is included?

  • Employment contracts for casual, junior and senior employees (not including salaried directors)
  • A comprehensive Employee Handbook containing all legal requires, essential and best practice policies and procedures 
  • HR Helpline - telephone and email advice and support as and when required (subject to reasonable usage)
  • Access to a document portal which gives you access to suitable templates to be used for standard day to day HR processes
  • A newsletter for our HR Services Clients

HR Support Level 3

This package provides Enhanced HR Support from our HR Advisors and Employment Solicitors. Advice is usually provided within 1 working day in our level
3 support package and our level 3 clients do receive priority access to the team for HR issues.

What is included?

As for Level 2 with the addition of:

  • Small scale redundancy advice (less than 5 affected employees)
  • Priority referral to employment solicitors for advice on contentious or high-risk employment relations issues

Exclusions from all levels of service include, Settlement agreements, restructuring, TUPE, redundancy advice (more than 5 employees affected), tribunal representation, due diligence for M&A activity, and training. These services can be delivered as standalone projects.

How is the monthly cost worked out?

The monthly cost, payable by standing order, will be based on the number of employees in your business.

For a no-obligation quote, please contact one of the team.

How do you define reasonable usage?

We do not work on a ‘capped hourly basis’ for our HR Services retainers. We work on the basis of reasonable usage, which means we expect to hear from you no more than once weekly to fortnightly basis and a little more than this in the first two months of taking up services.

Optional HR Services

In addition to our HR Support Packages, we offer our HR services on the following basis:

Fixed Fee - agreed for specific matters
Hourly rate - for complex issues or those not covered by our HR Services Packages, paid monthly.

VAT is currently charged at 20%.

For more information and to get a quote fill in the form here or contact one of our expert team members listed below:


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