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How Do I Change My Name As Part of My Gender Reassignment Process?

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"I am in the early stages of gender reassignment and most of my family and friends know about this. I want to change my name on my passport, driving licence and other official papers. How complicated is this?"

Changing your name on official documents is a very common thing to do and it is done for all kinds of reasons. In the UK, you can change your name to anything you want - you are not restricted to names with specific gender connotations. This can be done via a legal document called a Change of Name Deed. This legal document enables a person to change any part of their name such as changing a forename or surname, adding or removing names, or changing the spelling.

A Change of Name Deed can look simple, but it is a good idea to get proper legal guidance to complete the documents, to ensure they will be accepted at organisations such as your bank, the Passport Office and the DVLA.

The process of getting your gender legally recognised is a different one, requiring a separate legal process.  To do this you would have to apply to the UK Gender Recognition Panel for a Gender Recognition Certificate. More information can be found on the government website.

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