Divorce Solicitors in Caerphilly

JCP Solicitors is  specialist in matters of divorce or separation. Our expert divorce solicitors in Caerphilly can help guide you through a smooth and efficient divorce or separation process, saving you time, money and stress.

We have been helping individuals and families in Caerphilly for many years and know that you may be worried about what will happen to your home, your children and future finances. When under pressure to make difficult decisions during a time of high emotions, it is easy for conflicts to arise.

Our friendly and dedicated team of divorce lawyers will be there to support you throughout any difficulties and challenges you may face, helping you to make all the right decisions that will help secure the future, personally and financially for you and your family.

Our divorce solicitors in Caerphilly can help you with a variety of divorce related matters including:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Separation with Children
  • Children Law
  • Making a Will During Divorce
  • Cohabitation Disputes
  • Financial Settlements
  • Financial Matters
  • Protecting Your Future

You can view further information on our legal services for divorce or separation on our general divorce page.

Here is a list of resources that you may find helpful when dealing with divorce or separation.

Resources for Divorcees in Caerphilly


Meetup is a great resource for meeting like-minded people in your town or city who share similar interests to you. Meetups are a great way of bringing people together to talk, help, mentor and support each other in a way that can help them move forward in their lives. Using the Meetup website, you can search for groups that are of interest to you within a local radius of Caerphilly.

Caerphilly County Borough Citizens Advice Bureau

Caerphilly County Borough Citizens Advice Bureau service is situated on Hanbury Road in Bargoed where you can seek free and independent advice on your rights and responsibilities. It is a registered charity where trained volunteers provide vital services to local communities. Please note that their services are not a replacement for a qualified solicitor and they will not be able to act on your behalf.

Court and Tribunal Finder

This service from Gov.UK will help you to locate your nearest family law court and will suggest the most suitable court or tribunal based on your individual circumstances.

Our experienced team of divorce lawyers can offer you an efficient and competitively priced legal service with an exceptional level of client care.

It is our policy to be up front and transparent about our pricing and keep you updated and informed about your costs from the outset and throughout.

We can offer you a fixed price or a more flexible cost estimate, depending on your individual circumstances and what may best suit your current situation and desired outcome. For further advice on your options and what may best suit your individual circumstances, please contact our dedicated and friendly team who will be happy to assist you.

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