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Employment Solicitors for Business in Cardiff

Employees are imperative to the successful operation of a business. . Part of this is about complying with ever-changing employment legislation and keeping up to date with developments to the law. However, as a business owner with plenty on your plate already, it can be  easy to forget. That’s why we do what we do. At JCP, our HR team and employment solicitors in Cardiff work every day to ensure employers are aware of any new practices or policies, taking the time to identify how changes in legislation will affect the running of your business and your employees. With an active team of HR specialists on board, you can rest assured that you will be kept well informed and therefore minimise the risk of losing your most vital asset: your staff.

From essential documentation to training and holiday allowance, you’ll find that our team of employment solicitors in Cardiff are fully qualified to advise you on a wide range of employment law and HR issues. From interview through to termination of contract, we’ll be at hand to provide tailored advice that works for your business. If a dispute has escalated and resulted in an employment law claim brought against your business, you can rely on our expert solicitors to provide the strategic advice and representation you need to move forward.

Resources for employers in Cardiff

GOV.UK - Employment

If you have recently set up a business or are newly responsible for HR issues within your business, the Government website may be a useful starting point. Here you will find information regarding certain aspects of employment law such as payroll, sick leave, holidays, training, pensions and dismissals.

Citizens Advice Bureau in Cardiff

The Citizens Advice Bureau in Cardiff can be found at the central library, where you can arrange an appointment with an adviser for free information. While the Citizens Advice Bureau will prove useful in providing you with free and confidential advice, it’s important to note that your advisor cannot act as an employment law solicitor. For more in-depth information and strategic advice, we recommend you get in touch with one of our employment solicitors.

Courts in Cardiff

Above, you will find the contact details for the Magistrates Court in Cardiff. However, for more options, you can use the Court and Tribunal Finder tool to find courts and tribunals near you by simply entering your postcode.