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Family Solicitors in Cardiff

Family law is a complex area, involving both legal and emotional issues that have to be handled with the greatest of care to get the right outcome for you and your loved ones.

JCP Solicitors have a team of highly experienced family law solicitors in Cardiff who offer practical and constructive advice for you and your family.

You need friendly support and professional advice to help resolve your legal issues in the right way for you and your family, while keeping conflict to a minimum. We also know that if there are children involved in any family law related issues, they are the first concern.

We understand that anyone seeking family law advice from specialist family law solicitors require more than just a legal service. This is why our team of family law solicitors in Cardiff are reasonable, solution orientated, and speak in plain English.

For practical, friendly advice and support to deal with any area of family law, please contact our Cardiff office or use our simple contact form to ask a question or request a call back.

family solicitors in cardiff

Our family law services in Cardiff

We offer a wide range of family law services to families in Cardiff:

  • Changing your name
  • Children Issues
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Cohabitee Disputes
  • Collaborative Law
  • Divorce
  • Fixed Price Consultation
  • Getting Married Abroad
  • Making a Will During Divorce
  • Mediation
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Protecting Your Future
  • Separation
  • Separation and Children

To see how we can help with your specific legal needs, please get in touch.

Why use our family lawyers in Cardiff?

With decades of experience advising clients all across South Wales, our family lawyers have the seasoned expertise to help you find the best possible outcomes under even the most challenging circumstances.

Our team includes a number of Welsh speakers and a dedicated Welsh language co-ordinator, so are equally happy speaking to you in English or Welsh.

We are accredited by the Law Society in the following areas:

Family Law Advanced – For complex family law issues, including international divorce, cohabitation, complex financial settlements and domestic violence.

Family Mediation – For our expertise in using mediation to resolve family law issues without the need for court proceedings.

Children Law – For all types of children law work, including the representation of children during legal proceedings.

Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) – For buying and selling property, remortgaging and all other types of residential property transactions that are often involved in dealing with family law matters.

Several of our family lawyers are members of Resolution, a network of legal professionals dedicated to minimising conflict in family dispute resolution.

Removing conflict from family law

Most people would like to avoid going to court to deal with family disputes such as divorce and separation. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) can be highly effective for achieving this, allowing you to get a fair outcome while saving you time, money and stress.

At JCP Solicitors, we offer two main types of ADR for family law: family mediation and collaborative law. Each has its advantages and can be appropriate for different circumstances.

Family Mediation

Over a series of meetings (usually around 3-5) with a trained mediator, you and your former partner will discuss any practical issues you need to resolve, such as separating your finances or making arrangements for your children.

The mediator is a neutral third party, answering any points of law, keeping the discussion productive and defusing any potential conflict. Any agreement you make through mediation will be voluntary but can be made legally binding by applying for a Consent Order.

Collaborative law

This process involves a series of four-way ‘round the table’ meetings between you, your former partner and your respective lawyers (who must be trained collaborative lawyers). The aim is to negotiate the terms of your divorce or separation amicably.

A key advantage of collaborative law is that you have your own lawyers on hand to advise and guide you. You can also have other experts, such as accountants and financial advisers, sit in on the process if required.

Our family law fees

Fixed fee family law services

Some of our family law services can be offered on a fixed fee basis where appropriate. This can help to give you certainty over the costs involved in dealing with your matter.

Hourly rates for family law services

For more complex issues, we will typically work to a pre-agreed hourly rate. This allows us to provide as much help as you need while ensuring you are always kept up-to-date with your costs.

Fee deferments

When dealing with issues such as divorce and separation, it is often possible to defer payments of our fees until after a financial settlement has been agreed and you have access to the necessary funds.

Get in touch with our expert family lawyers in Cardiff

For practical, friendly advice and support to deal with any area of family law, please contact our Cardiff office or use our simple contact form to ask a question or request a call back.

Resources for families in Cardiff

Aside from advice from our Family Law Solicitors you and your family may require advice from further afield. Below is a list of resources in and around Cardiff that may be of use to you:

Cardiff Civil and Family Justice Centre

Cardiff Civil and Family Justice Centre cover several areas of law, including civil partnership, forced marriage, divorce, adoption, high court and children. Their website provides details on their address in Cardiff, their opening times, and how they can be contacted.

Family Point. Cymru

Here you can search a particular location for you and your family. Whether you’re looking for useful resources in Cardiff or other places across wales, the website helps to connect parents and anyone responsible for a child or young person to key services. This could be anything from childcare, activities for teenagers or news articles that will be of interest to you and your family, this website is a great area to do all this and more.

The City of Cardiff Council

Cardiff Council provide information to the residents of Cardiff based on a range of matters, including registering a birth, venues in Cardiff for marriages and civil partnerships, along with bereavement services.