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Don't Cut Corners on Conveyancing

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When you have found your dream home and you are planning your future in it, you will have many exciting things to think about; your new décor; what the neighbourhood has to offer; how the children will fit into their new school; how long your commute to work will take. 

Which conveyancer you use as part of the purchasing process might not be at the top of this list of priorities.

However, it should be. Your home is very likely to be the biggest financial commitment you make during your lifetime and it will become your biggest asset. So it is important that you obtain the most accurate assessment of the home you are investing in. The best way of doing this is to take on the services of a specialist in residential conveyancing.

Most solicitors firms are qualified to carry out conveyancing, but think about what is important to you in the process and make sure you ask the right questions to find a law firm who will meet your needs.

There are many “cheap” deals to be found on the web these days, but there is a risk that a firm undertaking conveyancing at very low prices is more likely to take on high volumes of cases. This may mean your transaction might not get the proper care and attention it deserves, instead of becoming another file on a conveyor belt. 

It is likely you will be investing upwards from £100,000 on a new home; as the biggest purchase of your lifetime, it doesn't make sense to cut corners on this vital part of the process. 

Our Top Tips:- 

We can only be as fast as the other solicitors in the chain, so it is important to us that everyone linked to any of our transactions instructs a good and reputable firm of solicitors to undertake their conveyancing.

  • Get a clear, fixed fee quote that sets out all additional costs (such as for leasehold properties which involve more work) and disbursements (Land Registry charges, Stamp Duty Land tax)
  • Be clear when asking for a quote that you want any additional costs that you will incur to be included in the final price.
  • Check that the conveyancer you are instructing is one on the approved panel of your mortgage lender, as not all conveyancers are and this could lead to problems down the line.
  • Ask who will be your main point of contact and what other work they do. Nothing will frustrate you or a conveyancer on the other side of a transaction more than trying to get hold of someone who has to spend the day in Court on another matter, for example.
  • Make sure the firm you use has a team of people who specialise in conveyancing. You may decide to use a firm with one person who does this work, but how will you feel about your transaction being delayed if that one person goes on their annual leave or is unwell? If you do want to use a small business, ask what their cover arrangements are. Most reputable firms will have a solution for this.
  • Ask if you can choose a method of communication that suits you. For example, would you prefer all documentation by email and updates by text message during your working day rather than phone calls?

At JCP Solicitors we have a team of property specialists who undertake Residential Conveyancing day in and day out. Each of our team members has a direct dial telephone number and direct email address. We know that communication is important and we will send you updates how and when you want them. We are proud to hold the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme Accreditation.

Whether you are buying or selling a home, we are here to help make your transaction run as smoothly as possible. You may only do this once in your lifetime, we do it every day.

Get in touch with our Residential Property team for your quote on 03333 208 644 or email