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Celebrating our #TeamJCP Conveyancing Heroes

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We are proud of our hardworking Conveyancers who go over and above to help our clients buy their dream homes. In a time where we have all been faced with or read about frauds and scams, they also make sure that what is probably the biggest purchase of a client’s life, is carried out diligently.

We asked some of our #TeamJCP Conveyancing Heroes a few questions about their roles…

Laura Winter is a Legal Advisor in our Carmarthen Residential Property team.

“I have worked at JCP for many years and I am well experienced in residential conveyancing, helping clients buy and sell their homes.”

“I think clients can struggle with not being in control of timescales as there is a number of parties involved from solicitors to mortgage lenders, search providers and so on, which can cause delays.”

“My favourite part of the process is completion day. Calling my client to tell them they can pick up the keys to their dream/first home and the excitement on the end of the phone is the most rewarding part of my week.”

“Do your research into the area you are looking to buy. Look into the school catchment areas, shops, parks and new developments planned in the area. Also, get as much advice from the experts that are recommended to you such as estate agents, surveyors, mortgage advisors and solicitors.”

“A fun fact about me is that I love playing piano.”

Claire Edwards is a Chartered Legal Executive in our Swansea Residential Property team.

“As a Licensed Conveyancer – I deal with sales, purchases, remortgages, and transfer of equity matters - progressing them from start to finish.”

“Understandably, third party delays and lack of communication can be frustrating for clients so we do our best to manage these expectations and communicate clearly.”

“I love that my role is fast paced and no two days are the same.”

“If you are looking to purchase a property soon, I would encourage you to obtain copies of bank statements promptly so that you can easily provide evidence of your source of funds. If you are selling, I advise locating any paperwork in respect of any works carried out to the property in readiness and find your inner Mari Kondo so you have less to pack!”

“When I was a lot younger I was in the local newspaper for having the oldest Tamagotchi.”

Beth Evans is a Legal Assistant in our Fishguard Residential Property team.

“I work closely alongside Carole Cotton and Geraldine Davies in Fishguard who teach me more every day. I tend to take on a lot of the beginning stages of our matters such as logging initial documents, preparing contact packs, applying for searches and raising and sending enquiries to our clients.”

“I think clients often find the time scales most frustrating. We often have to explain that some things take time and delays can’t be helped. They’re typically very understanding about this once you’ve explained why as they wouldn’t know otherwise. That’s why it is so important to keep your clients updated on the process.”

“My favourite thing about my role is acting for first time buyers and helping them get on the property ladder. It’s such a sense of achievement owning your first ever home, so it’s nice to know that we have been a helping hand towards that.”

“It is important to trust the process but if you’re unsure then ask your Conveyancer, we’d rather you ask and get some clarification than be worrying. Also, make sure to read your documents properly!”

“A fun fact about me is that I am totally obsessed with my new air fryer.”

Muneeb Shaikh is a Legal Assistant in our Swansea Residential Property team.

“For the most part, I deal with a majority of sale files and assist with purchase files.”

“Source of funds can be frustrating for clients as they are unaware why we need these and the uncertainty of completion timescales. It is important for us to manage expectations as third parties like management companies, council etc. can impact the timeline for completion.”

“My favourite part of the role is dealing with enquiries, every now and then I’ll have the opportunity to deal with something new which is always nice as it builds on my knowledge.”

“My one piece of advice to those looking to move soon is that the conveyancer is always fighting your corner with any enquiries raised in order to ensure a smooth completion.”

“I absolutely believe that chocolate digestives are the only chocolate biscuit that should be dunked in tea! On a more serious note, I do like a good debate.”

Karen Johnson is a Legal Assistant in our Caerphilly Residential Property team.

“I’ve worked in law firms for over 25 years. My role as a Legal Assistant is to assist the Solicitor in making the process of conveyancing for the client as quick and as smooth as possible.”

“I think clients tend to struggle with the lack of control over how long the process may take.”

“The conveyancing world is challenging, sometimes demanding and very fast-paced so my favourite thing is when clients share their appreciation for the work you have done for them.”

“I would advise anyone looking to move home soon to spend time finding the right conveyancer for you, compare quotes and read the firm’s reviews.”

“Now the children have grown up, I enjoy spontaneous weekends away to my favourite places in the world Devon and Cornwall.”

Sarah Lowe is a Legal Advisor in our Swansea Residential Property team.

“I deal with the legal side of transferring the property ownership from one party to another and advise clients on the different aspects during the process, for example, rights and restrictive covenants within the title and search results that might affect them.”

“I think the inability to provide a set completion date from the outset is what can be most frustrating. Factors which can affect the timescale include: speed of the chain, terms of mortgage offers, extensions without proper permissions and lack of information being provided at the outset. Leasehold properties and new build properties in particular can be quite complex. It is often clients who insist on particular dates that have the greatest anxiety and experience the most stress. It is only once exchange has taken place that we can say with certainty that a legal completion date can be set.”

“The best thing is calling a client to confirm that completion has taken place and they can collect the keys; it is the start of a new chapter for them.”

“Allow time for the legal process to take place and make sure you are happy to proceed with and commit to the transaction. Purchasing a property is a huge investment and you should ensure that all advice is read and understood. Should further specialist reports or searches be needed, ensure that this is done so that you can make a fully informed decision about the property you wish to purchase and make sure that it is still right for you.”

“A fun fact about me is that I can salsa dance.”

Kimberley Lenahan is a Legal Assistant in our Caerphilly Residential Property team.

“As a legal assistant within the residential property team I liaise with all parties in the transaction and deal with incoming communications efficiently to ensure a pain free process for the client.”

“I feel that the most frustrating part of the transaction for clients is when the chain is particularly long and all parties need to get to the same stage to be able to agree on exchange and completion dates which at times can be a lengthy process.”

“I love the fast paced, busy workload which keeps me on my toes!”

“I would advise anyone looking to move house soon to always check out the reviews before instructing a solicitor. Ours can be found here.”

“A fun fact about me is that I have 3 chickens named Mary Poopins, Albert Eggstein and Cluck Norris.”

Geraldine Davies is a Legal Advisor in our Fishguard Residential Property team.

“I help clients with sales, purchase, transfers of equity, assents and first registrations of property at the Land Registry.”

“Understandably, clients can find it frustrating if they are not kept informed of how their matter is proceeding. We focus on giving regular updates about what is happening.”

“Completing matters on behalf of Clients is my favourite thing about my role. It is always nice to hear that they are happy with how things went and that we have made the process as easy and smooth as possible.”

“For people looking to buy and sell a home, my advice would be to help reduce any delays by making sure you have the house documents together, in particular FENSA certificates and boiler servicing documentation. Having up-to-date ID is also important at the start of the process alongside proof of the source of funds as without these we cannot proceed with the matter.”

“I enjoy cooking, reading, knitting and spending time with my family when I am not holidaying in the Cotswolds or Italy.”

If you would like a quote from our #TeamJCP Conveyancing Heroes email us on or call 03333 208 644.