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Case Study: Wales Air Ambulance Thanks Legal Specialist

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​Wales Air Ambulance has said a big thank you to South and West Wales law firm JCP Solicitors after their diligent work regarding a Will led to the ‘rescue’ of a five-figure bequest.

Wales Air Ambulance called upon the services of JCP Solicitors after a woman from North Wales – a lifelong supporter of the charity - left a generous bequest in her Will. However, since the woman’s wishes were worded imprecisely the life-saving charity was faced with losing the money to another group, bearing a similar name, in England.

Richard Howells, a Director at JCP and the Head of the Lifetime Planning Disputes team, carried out some painstaking work over five months as part of this case, to ensure the money went to the right charity.

Richard says: “Wales Air Ambulance are such a deserving group and I am delighted I have been able to help them receive this generous bequest. I am pleased too that I was able to make sure this lady’s wishes were adhered to, since she was, during her lifetime, a committed supporter of Wales Air Ambulance.

“It isn't uncommon for situations like this to arise, usually because people don't include the all-important Charity Number in their Will. However, this case was settled, after some months, by liaising with the benefactor’s friends and family to confirm her true intentions, and by liaising with the other air ambulance charity, who agreed to sign a legal deed so the money went to Wales Air Ambulance.

“This case underlines the importance of being as specific and accurate as possible in the wording of your Will.

“This is a complex area of law and errors and oversights can take some time to unravel. So it is important for people to consider, when drafting their Will, asking a legal professional to look at it and to make any recommendations.”