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Looking Forward To The Future In Pembrokeshire

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Sincere thanks to everyone from all walks of life who were able to join us on Tuesday 8 October to celebrate the merger of our 3 Pembrokeshire partner law firms,  VJG Johns, Bissmire Fudge and Peter Cross.
As I said on the occasion the welcome and support we have received from everyone in the community has been so encouraging and everyone in the business is feeling very confident about our decision to join forces and be able to provide the additional services which we are now able to bring to individual clients and organisations alike. 
JCP was never really a stranger to the County of Pembrokeshire. A number of our partners have long been privileged to represent people and organisations in the region and we have made long standing relationships and indeed friendships with many already. 
But to take a step further to invest as we have we also did our homework and we soon came to the conclusion that we should do so. We have invested in a region that we know has a sustainable future, and we have been keen throughout to invest in local suppliers, staff and services. Particularly pleasing has been the fact that we have already been able to create 8 new jobs in the county.
We also chose our partner firms with care. Each of them in different ways have served their communities professionally and often on a voluntary basis for a long time. That is important to us.
We have invested and merged, not to stand still, but to grow our business in Pembrokeshire. We can only do that if we provide good locally delivered service to all and broaden the range of specialist services that does not need to be sourced, often at greater expense, in London or the big cities. 
We are here to help and here to stay even though we may have taken our time to do so!
Thanks again.
Steve Penny