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Charities get vital funding boost thanks to Swansea & District Law Society

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Two vital Swansea-based charities have received a welcome funding boost thanks to Swansea & District Law Society.

Langland Bay Lifeguard Club and YMCA Swansea have received over £1,200 each after being selected as the Society’s charities of choice in 2020.

Over the past two years, all Swansea & District Law Society events, including its annual dinner, online quiz and drinks reception, have helped to raise funds to benefit both organisations.

Money donated to YMCA Swansea will help to support some of the city’s most vulnerable children, young people, and families in need.

While the donation to Langland Bay Lifeguard Club will enable it to teach crucial water safety to children across Swansea, as well as providing beach event lifeguards locally.

Both charities were selected thanks to former law society president Chris Davies, whose tenure ended earlier this year.

Mr Davies, who is the Head of Healthcare at JCP Solicitors, said he was proud to have raised funds for both organisations.

He said: “It is our pleasure to be able to raise funds for both these fantastic charities, which make such an incredible difference to people across Swansea and beyond.

“The YMCA is absolutely vital in supporting some of our city’s most vulnerable families and is needed now more than ever.

“While Langland Bay Lifeguard Club ensures that our loved ones can continue to enjoy our beautiful coastlines safely and responsibly for generations to come.

“I would like to thank all our members for their generosity in supporting these organisations over the past two years, your donations will make a significant difference to the lives of local people.”

Richard Williams, CEO of YMCA Swansea, said this donation is coming at a crucial time.

Richard said: “YMCA Swansea would like to thank the Swansea & District Law Society for their incredibly kind donation.

“Families in Swansea are struggling now more than ever due to rising costs and the cost of living crisis, so this donation will make such a difference to people who rely on our support.”

Paul Williams, from Langland Bay Lifeguard Club, was also extremely grateful for the donation.

He said: “On behalf of the Langland Bay Lifeguard Club we’d like to sincerely thank the Swansea & District Law Society.

“We are wholly reliant on the generosity of others to ensure we can continue keeping people safe in Langland Bay. These funds will also help us to provide life-saving training to children to ensure they can enjoy the water safely – thank you.”

Swansea & District Law Society was formed in 1879 to support solicitors in the Swansea area. They are independent of the Law Society of England & Wales but liaise closely with the organisation regarding initiatives of national importance for the profession; putting forward the views of its members and keeping its members up to date with national issues.

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(Left to right: Paul Williams - Langland Bay Lifeguard Club, Chris Davies - JCP Solicitors and Richard Williams - YMCA Swansea)