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We're Remembering Memory Loss During Brain Injury Week

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With Brain Injury Week getting underway from 28 September to 4 October, JCP is backing Headway’s Memory Loss campaign, to highlight the stark effect memory loss can have upon all aspects of people’s lives.

Here at JCP Solicitors we work with many people who have been affected by brain injury and, along with a number of other ramifications, memory loss can be one of the most distressing results of brain injury. Some people find that all of their memories are erased in an instant by catastrophic injury, such as a car accident or a serious fall.

Memory problems after a brain injury can be life changing and they are very different from the usual, everyday memory frustrations many of us experience. They can make a survivor feel alone, angry and confused and can impact every aspect of their life.

A recent study by Headway – the brain injury association - found that 70% of brain injury survivors struggle to recall personal memories, such as their wedding or the birth of their child, 65% of brain injury survivors feel that their personal relationships have been affected as a result of their memory problems, and 72% of brain injury survivors feel that the people in their life don't understand their memory problems.

Headway’s Memory Loss campaign will focus upon real-life cases of memory loss, shining a light on some of the far-reaching consequences for the sufferers and for their families.

Clearly, our memories tell the story of who we are, so they are fundamental to our lives, as human being, as family members, as friends and as colleagues. To have them impaired can shake a person’s sense of themselves to the core.

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