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Let's Help To Keep Each Other Safe For Injury Prevention Week

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Injury Prevention Week is always a good opportunity for us all to think about how we interact with the world around us - while we are at work, at home and during leisure time. The theme of this year’s Injury Prevention Week, organised by APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) is taking care of each other. The lockdown during the pandemic has shown us all the benefits that being kind to each other bring. Imagine what we can do if we combined this with taking an interest in the welfare of others and being responsible in making sure our actions protect those around us.

I act for clients who have suffered life-changing injuries as a result of accidents at work and in the home, as well as on our roads, so I am pleased to play a part in helping to raise awareness of this important initiative.

Everything we do carries some risk and sometimes it is not possible to avoid injury but often actions can be taken to lessen their seriousness or to prevent an injury happening. From a legal point of view an avoidable accident gives rise to questions about negligence, the duty of care owed from one person to another, and actions that are below an acceptable standard of care.

Aside from the legal standpoint we all owe a duty of care to each other – whether we are driving or cycling on the road, working with colleagues, or in a public space, or managing public areas and public land. So, cleaning up spillages, driving with care, leaving shared electrical or mechanical tools in good working order, tidying away potential obstacles and keeping public and private spaces in good repair are all responsible ways of interacting with the world so you don’t put people – or yourself – in danger. You can also do your bit by reporting any dangers you spot to the relevant authority.

Personal responsibility plays a big part in preventing an accident and minimising the impact of an accident or injury. Injuries can have a devastating effect on life and survivors can have long-term problems, both physical and mental. Major injury can also affect wider families who may have to change their lifestyle in order to care for their loved one.

Mei Li is the head of catastrophic injury at JCP Solicitors and has passed a stringent application process to be listed by APIL as a senior litigator.

As Mum to Max aged 11, Mei is passionate about injury prevention, especially on the road.

If you have any questions you can contact Mei for an informal chat on 01792 529615 or email

For more information on APIL’s Injury Prevention Campaign you click here or you can follow the below social media platforms or use the hashtag #IPWeek2021.