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Be My Valentine (But Please Sign On The Dotted Line)

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In the spirit of Valentine’s day, what is more romantic than saying....“I want to marry you for you, not your money, your inheritance, your house and fast car”?

By entering into a pre-nuptial agreement you can say just that, whilst at the same time protecting your hard earned assets in the event of a relationship breakdown.

Following a recent case, Pre-nuptial agreements will be given effect to by the court provided:

  1. The parties enter into the agreement freely
  2. Each party has a full appreciation of the implications of the agreement, and
  3. It is fair to hold the parties to their agreement in the prevailing circumstances

The advice of an experienced divorce lawyer is invaluable when dealing with Pre-nuptial agreements. They can ensure that all the necessary steps are taken so that ultimately the court would give effect to the agreement when determining the financial aspects of Divorce.

Love - It shouldn’t cost you your fortune!