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Be Cyber Savvy - A Covid-19 Reminder

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At a time when we are all preoccupied with educating our children, physically isolating ourselves from the rest of the world, trying to set up remote working, keeping up to date with the latest government announcements and dealing with concerns about health, finances and our NHS, fraudsters have been busy.

‘Phishing’ campaigns are unfortunately becoming more prevalent, taking advantage of our understandable preoccupation and heightened stress levels. These campaigns are impersonating institutions such as healthcare organisations, government departments and other official bodies. They will usually contain a link or an attachment providing ‘key information’ relating to COVID-19 prompting entering login details.

Please don’t be caught out! Stop, think, take five...........ask yourself, is the communication pressuring you to act and to do so immediately, does the communication contain a link, is it unexpected, is it purporting to be from someone in a position of authority, does it have poor spelling and grammar, does the sender email address look genuine?

If you think you have received such an email don’t forward it on. Instead inform your information security manager, compliance department or similar so they can raise awareness that such emails are circulating!

Catherine has recently joined JCP. Having over 10 years’ experience advising both employers and employees, she has recently returned to South Wales from a leading legal business in Bristol. We are pleased to welcome her to the JCP team. 

Catherine Almeida is an Employment Solicitor at JCP Solicitors and can be contacted on 07398 630840 or by email on or contact one of our local offices below.

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