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Equity release is a way for homeowners to access funds by essentially borrowing against the value of their property. Equity release is typically available to homeowners aged 55 and over. Equity release can be a good option for those who are asset-rich, who need some extra spending power for something such as house renovations, to help grown-up children onto the property ladder or to have some extra spending money for their retirement.

While there are benefits of equity release, there are also certain risks to be mindful of. It is essential to seek expert equity release advice from a financial advisor to ensure that the right decisions are made. If you do choose to move forward, it will bring peace of mind to know that each stage is being properly managed by specialist equity release solicitors.

JCP Solicitors is committed to offering the highest standard of professional support at every step. As experienced solicitors specialising in equity release, we possess a breadth of experience in all matters related to the equity release process. We offer a service that is as straightforward and efficient as possible for our clients.

Our team is proud to be able to offer flexible, personalised assistance. We offer up-to-date advice tailored to the specific needs of each homeowner. Our team of solicitors dealing with equity release can be flexible to suit you. We are eager to connect with clients — whether by phone, email or in person here at our office.

To get in touch with our professional team of equity release solicitors and legal advisors in Swansea, please contact our Swansea office. You can also get in touch with our contact form and request a call back.

Our Swansea equity release services

Our equity release specialist solicitors are experienced to assist in all matters, including:

  • Clear, straightforward advice on the legal implications of your chosen equity release mortgage
  • Setting a completion date that works for both you and your lender
  • Making sure all paperwork relating to the property and equity release mortgage is up to date
  • Liaising with lenders, dealing with any queries or issues on behalf of the client
  • Obtaining a repayment statement from your existing lender if needed and repaying their existing mortgage
  • Managing the transfer of equity release funds into your account
  • Updating your property's title deeds with the Land Registry

How long does equity release take?

The time-frame for an equity release will depend on a number of factors. A straightforward equity release may be ready to move ahead in as little as two months. The duration includes everything from submitting the initial application by your financial advisor, the legal formalities required in the process up to the point when the funds are made available. Nevertheless, in more complex scenarios, the equity release process could perhaps continue for several months.

Certain factors, such as the state of a property title, may affect the process. For example, if the property title is unclear or if the land has not yet been registered. This underscores the need for proper equity release advice. Our team of solicitors dealing with equity release is dedicated to avoiding delays and mitigating any issues.

At JCP Solicitors, we assist clients along each step of their chosen equity release plan. Our goal is to provide comprehensive equity release advice, detailing how a plan you’ve chosen with the help of your financial advisor works over its lifetime, and factors to consider, such as how that may affect one’s inheritance or benefits entitlement. Our focus is on the interests of our clients, working as your personalised equity release guides.

What is a lifetime mortgage?

Essentially, a lifetime mortgage is a type of loan which allows a homeowner, in most cases aged 55 and above, to take out a loan against the value of their home. This is not the same as a regular mortgage. It does not typically require monthly repayments. Instead, the borrowed amount, plus any interest, is paid back when the homeowner passes away or goes into permanent care.

Lifetime mortgages are the most common type of equity release, but it is important to fully understand the terms and the implications of entering into this type of scheme.

Why use JCP Solicitors in Swansea for equity release?

JCP Solicitors in Swansea boasts a breadth of experience and expertise. As one of the most well-regarded legal firms in the region, we have helped countless clients navigate their equity release, ensuring grounded decisions are made with their best interests at heart.

JCP Solicitors is proud to offer an independent, client-focused service. We work in your best interest, free from any external influences, as your personal equity release guides. Our clients are informed and supported through each step of the entire equity release process.

Moreover, we value flexibility and convenience. You can get in touch with us for prompt and friendly advice as it suits you, whether by phone, email, or meeting us at our office.

We are proud to have a number of Welsh speakers in our team, including a dedicated Welsh language coordinator.

Our Swansea equity release fees

Equity release is a major financial decision. As such, when we provide you with an equity release quote, we ensure that it includes a comprehensive breakdown of all associated costs. We offer a no-obligation quote for our equity release services.

You will be provided a cost breakdown tailored to your individual circumstances. This quote we give you will be the final amount you pay, except in the rare event that unexpected issues arise.

At JCP Solicitors we endeavour to deliver the best value. We believe the equity release process should be as transparent and efficient as possible, aligning with the best interests of our clients.

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