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Take extra care this Halloween and Bonfire Night

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Everyone loves carving a pumpkin, lighting up a sparkler or setting off fireworks this time of year. But a rogue firework or a flammable costume could leave revellers haunted by the memory of Bonfire Night and Halloween. Here Sam Bateman, a Legal Advisor in our Personal Injury team, gives his advice on how to stay safe during this year’s festivities. 

Avoiding Halloween Décor Disasters

Nothing screams Halloween quite like carving a pumpkin – but take care when enjoying this creepy pastime.

Using the correct utensils when carving pumpkins is crucial to avoid unintentional cuts or injuries, while we’d recommend using battery-operated tea lights, rather than candles, to minimise accidental burns.

According to figures, more than 300 people in the UK are injured by candle flames annually, with unattended fires consistently proving to be a significant fire hazard.

Make sure other decorations such as dangling spider webs are also hung away from open flames to avoid danger.

Caution with costumes and cosmetics

Costumes pose a serious risk with bin liners and plastic masks proving to be particularly flammable.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA) urges parents to always supervise children if they are near candles, and check if costumes carry a UKCA or UKNI mark on the label.

Trips and slips are another concern. Make sure your child’s costume fits properly as something that’s too long could cause a child to easily trip over the bottom of it. Also, masks which are too big can hinder visibility which could also lead to trips and falls.

Cosmetics can cause serious allergic reactions and how you apply them also really matters. Always check the ingredients list and always perform a patch test. Be wary of purchasing products via third parties, especially online. If you do notice any adverse symptoms such as itching or burning during use, immediately remove the product from the skin and seek medical advice.

Enjoy responsibly

South Wales Fire and Rescue Service is reminding people to enjoy the bonfire festivities responsibly this year after it was called out to 555 deliberate fires last year between October and November.

We’d always encourage people to handle sparklers, fireworks and bonfires with care as misuse could be extremely dangerous.

We would also urge people to attend organised events, which are safer, and run by trained professionals, and first aiders are more likely to be on hand if something goes wrong. This could help to prevent devastating fires and life-changing injuries.

Road Safety

With Halloween typically being celebrated in the evening with activities such as ‘trick or treat’, we strongly encourage being extra aware of your surroundings. Statistics show that compared to any other night of the year, twice as many child pedestrians are killed from this event. Swept up in the Halloween festivities, children may run from house to house or across the street without a second thought. A solution we recommend as a precaution is attaching UV tape to costumes to help children be seen in the dark.

Drivers should also be more aware during Halloween. Make sure you’re driving slower than normal in residential areas and be aware of cul-de-sacs or other shortcuts that trick-or-treaters may use.

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For more Halloween, fire safety advice please visit South Wales Fire and Rescue Service and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents (RoSPA).