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Awareness, Prevention and Research are the Keys to Stroke Survival and Recovery

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More than 150,000 strokes happen in Britain every year – that is one every five minutes. Nick O’Neill, an Associate Solicitor from the Injury Services team at JCP Solicitors, explains why the firm is helping to raise awareness about the important work of the Stroke Association during May – Stroke Awareness Month.

Stroke is a leading cause of adult disability in the UK. In fact, two-thirds of people who survive a stroke find themselves living with a disability, so the Stroke Awareness Month “Stroke Research Means Everything” campaign is important in helping to shine a light on the lack of funding available for stroke research.

Speedy care is vital when someone is having a stroke and if this is not delivered, the effects of the stroke can be more severe and longer-lasting. Unfortunately, things can go wrong and access to this fast medical treatment is not always provided. In these circumstances we have worked with sufferers and their families, providing access to compensation that can be used to pay for the appropriate care to deal with complex needs and rehabilitation.

Here are some further things to consider:

  • Research into stroke is one of the most underfunded areas of health research in the UK
  • A stroke can hit at any age - one in four occurs in people under 65
  • More than half of all strokes are preventable. Regular checks for high blood pressure are key
  • Other risk factors include some medical conditions, high cholesterol, being overweight or being a heavy smoker or drinker

Think about getting your Lifetime Planning documentation in order, this isn’t only making a Will for a worst-case scenario, but includes putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place, appointing those you trust to deal with your finances should you be unable to manage your affairs in the future.

The effects of a stroke can be life-changing, depending on where it takes place in the brain and how big the damaged area is. A serious stroke could cause someone to be completely dependent on others for their day-to-day needs.

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If you or a loved one needs legal support to access care contact: Nick.O' or call 02920 391917.