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Five Figure Settlement Paid To Construction Company

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We advised a construction company client who received a five figure settlement for its unpaid invoices in the face of a claim against it valued at over half a million pounds.

The dispute: Our client was subcontracted to provide groundworks at a site. After not being paid close to £50,000 by the main contractor, our client left site and sought to recover the money owed to it. The main contractor alleged that it had a claim against our client worth £600,000 as a consequence of our client leaving site prematurely.

How JCP Solicitors helped: Strategically, and to make the matter cost effective for the client, it was necessary to commence adjudication proceedings to recover the money rightly owed to our client. Whilst our client was successful at adjudication in securing the full amount of its claim, the main contractor still refused to pay and continued to threaten to issue proceedings in relation to its purported counterclaim.

Tactically and to apply further pressure, an application for summary judgment to seek to enforce the adjudicator’s decision was made to the Technology and Construction Court.

Outcome: Shortly before the summary judgment hearing, we negotiated a settlement whereby our client was paid the full amount due under its unpaid invoices and the main contractor withdrew its counterclaim.

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