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Naming and Shaming... Those Who Don't Pay the National Minimum Wage

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Employers must pay their staff no less than the National Minimum Wage (NMW) rates. Otherwise, they open themselves up to the risk of claims, financial penalties and “naming and shaming” by HMRC. It has been reported that 10 firms in Wales...

Will The Covid Vaccine Be Compulsory for Care Home Staff in Wales?

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The Covid vaccine is to become compulsory for care home staff at Care Quality Commission registered care homes in England, unless they are exempt on medical grounds. The position in Wales is different. The Welsh Government has indicated, most recently on 9th...

NDAs - Gagging Orders or Vital Protection Measure for Employers?

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The topic of non-disclosure agreements are at the top of the news agenda on a regular basis – and you could be forgiven for thinking they are shady contracts, since they have been associated with some fairly salacious headlines. However, settlement of...

Employers Face Increasing Pressure Around Equal Pay

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The BBC is feeling the pressure at the moment over some alarming incidences of pay inequalities among its workforce, with BBC bosses now making a rare move to cut some male news reporters’ wages by 30 percent, in a bid to close some of the gap. In...

Weinstein Affair Reminds Employers of Responsibility To Safeguard

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The recent slew of allegations about Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein has been shocking for many reasons – not least because their scope and their extended timeline illustrate how reluctant victims can be to speak up, for fear of being disbelieved or...

Are You Being Fair? How to Guard Against Unconscious Bias As An Employer

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While most people do their best to treat people equally and try to avoid making judgements or assumptions about others based upon the way they look, dress, their age, their sex and their educational achievements, human beings are programmed to do just this. ...