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Ask The Legal Expert - Preventing temporary occupiers from claiming squatters' rights

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I inherited a small farm in West Wales from an aunt four years ago. I live several hundred miles away, so I have not been there since I inherited. I’ve now heard that a family is living off the land there. How can I prevent these temporary occupiers...

Overage: The Potential Right To Future Payments

  • Posted

Myria Griffiths, an Associate Solicitor in our Rural Practice and Commercial Property Team, advises a farmer who is considering selling some land to a developer. I have been approached by a developer who wants to buy some of my land, for quite a low...

Ask The Legal Expert: Buying A Farm At Auction

  • Posted

This month Associate Solicitor Myria Griffiths advises a farmer who is keen to buy a property at auction. I have spotted a farm coming up for auction and I am keen to bid for it. I have never bought property in this way before. What do I need to...

Ask The Legal Expert- Nitrate Vulnerable Zones.

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My farm is sited in an area likely to be newly designated by the Welsh Government as a Nitrate Vulnerable Zone. If this goes ahead, what will it mean for me? This is, understandably, an issue that is causing a lot of concern among farmers in South and...

Ask The Legal Expert: Telling The Land Registry

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This month JCP Associate Solicitor Myria Griffiths advises an owner on the importance of lodging details of their farm with the Land Registry. "I have owned my farm for many years. Do I need to tell the Land Registry?" It is advisable to...