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Not So Useful Utility!

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“I have purchased some land. Pursuant to a deed granted several years ago, a utilities company has a right to cross my land to maintain its telecoms site. This telecoms site is only accessible over my land. Unfortunately, the utilities company is...

Company Insolvency - What are my Responsibilities as Director?

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The Insolvency Service has recently published its monthly statistics for recorded insolvencies of registered companies in England and Wales. Insolvency rates for registered companies in July 2022 were 67% higher than in July 2021. The statistics also show a...

Creditors Beware: Petition Deposits to Rise

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On 1 November 2022 petition deposits, the amount paid to pursue bankruptcy proceedings against an individual or winding up proceedings against a company, will rise by more than 50%. The deposit paid when pursuing bankruptcy...

One Strike and You're Out?

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“I am a Commercial Landlord and I have found out that my Tenant has been struck off the register, what happens next?” A company can be struck off the Register of Companies for a number of reasons. While some companies have fallen foul of the...

Listed Buildings and Compulsory Purchase Orders

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“I am a farmer with a listed building on my land. I have been served with a repair notice to preserve the listed building which is currently falling into disrepair. The local planning authority is considering a Compulsory Purchase Order...